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Replays all patches
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Replays all patches
i was thinking about how old replays could be seen ?

and i came to think. theres a lot of space in the replay menu for more menu´s i think (in the screen)
so my thought is. we got options for MPR(current) and SPR .
but maybe could add one saying older OPR or something.
(Old Patch Replays) . which could add from any version of LFS the replays you had from it ?

forexample :
when pressing the OPR menu button it could show a list of versions.
Current, (examples) x35 , y5 etc.. and maybe even they could detect your replays and versions so they only show in menu from those you actually have in your folder ?
maybe menu could have S1/S2/S3/Demo as headline for easier choice

i know "some" like to keep them. but needs to have that same patch version to see them.
its probably not a thing that is important at all. but i think it would do good in LFS in the long run.

do not know if possible to do that , but atleast its suggested then.

im aware its not priority. but something that could make it a bit easier for users maybe to watch old replays from older patches.

would be nice to have a replay recording ON/OFF switch so you could record a replay after you logged in ,in say a event, so you dont have to fast forward each replay to a specific time of start. this could also be used in cruise forexample if someone detects a law breaker they could start recording a replay from that start of a police chase. it also would mean admins to sort things out, wouldnt have to forward like days logins etc. in races could be used as a highlight of the race feature, if the replay could record from being set to ON. and if switched OFF. it just pause the recording, so you can turn it ON again and it will record from that point but in replay you watched it will jump to this next recording point ? its just a thought i think would save alot of time for alot of people Smile

Replays all patches
(2 posts, started )