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Danish Translation ! UPDATED
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Danish Translation ! UPDATED
updated lots of lines. was needed too !

changed some weird sentence that really didnt mean anything in danish.
changed windows to skrivebord as not all is using windows for LFS, so your desktop would be a better choice of words.

upådated new lines for new patch.
updated vr controls and setup.
updated language text in menu. to europæisk instead central europe.changed latin 1 to latinsk.cyrellic to cyrellisk.

if i made some huge bummer, you can always contact me here in forums by pm or here in this thread.

so if you notice spelling mistakes or something else out of the ordinary. let me know and we fix it Smile

EDIT: changed some minor spelling mistakes in installation guide. ziward is now a wizard again Smile

EDIT2: Changed Frafik to Grafik (graphics) as this has been on my nerves for a couple of years now Big grin
changed words that is using ´ and put that into the words. example Opdater is now : Opdatér (kvalificér) .. updated new lines and also made a small change to "front" to "for" . like in Frontwing to forvinge. we do use front in denmark. however, i think in a translation, it should actually be translated. so if people think its a bad call. let me know and we can change it back . i think that was it. was checking for minor mis spellings and typO´s. didnt find any at this time. so i guess thats it Smile
updated matching objects , to, matchende objekter. minor mis spells corrected.

Danish Translation ! UPDATED
(3 posts, started )