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DESERT MOD April 2018 0.6R21 (The Making Of)
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DESERT MOD April 2018 0.6R21 (The Making Of)
Hello LFS Racers/Drivers.

This is a Desert Mod for LFS 0.6GR11 april 2018.

most files are used from existing files, like the westhill desert mod, from where i borrowed some sand textures, and sti228´s skies are used in this mod.
other things is from the original desert mod made by Trakah123 / Dragking, years ago. so to update it a little i been working on this mod for some time.
i still need to make some buildings and trees like palms for blackwood and westhill and rockingham.
somethings arent completely done so far but i think im updating along the way, perhaps with user requests for something that could make it look better or
if you got files you like us to know about that could fit this mod, feel free to join the thread on lfs forums.

Westhill signs is from fallout game.
westhill and blackwood needs palmtrees and fern vegetation if someone is up for it. other tracks needs trees and vegetation aswell. i dont have time to learn how to make them atm. also needed is trees for snowmod.

***You can copy your entire LFS and paste it to the same harddrive,
then you can mod the copy and you dont even have to unlock LFS.***

1) Download and install LFS from .
2) copy these folders into your LFS/DATA folder. overwrite everything. (back up any folders you like to be able to return too).
3) hit the LFS.exe and drive through a Desert !

compiled and made by THE WIZARD DK

you can edit any file you like in this mod. but please do share it in the thread.

credits to Trakah123 who originally came up with a idea of making a desert version of LFS Smile

this text doc does not need to be in the data folder or anywhere else.


updating with some screenies soon.

Download Link (unpack with winrar or simular) 623MB : ... 1%20and%20beyond.rar?dl=0

Mod can be used online, but it is NEVER recommended to use any kind of mod online.
(Some things in this mod is not visible, so you may find yourself driving into blind walls in this mod for example).

Edit: Screenie from kyoto !
2: Aston
3: Blackwood
4: Fern Bay
6: SouthCity
7: Westhill

ALL mods im working on :

Attached images
desert aston.jpg
desert blackwood.jpg
desert fernbay.jpg
desert rockingham.jpg
desert southcity.jpg
desert westhill.jpg
i will download and try on my spare installation. thanks
Quote from Mikus1212 :screens?

yeah will come. im a bit behind.. sorry for that Smile is coming soon !

Quote from bishtop :i will download and try on my spare installation. thanks

feedback is welcome. i know i messed up a file in Fernbay, however i could have messed up more Smile
or if you got ideas for something that could look great in it too. Smile
some tracks look best in special light. so try different skies maybe and you find the one that fit you best. there is multiple options to choose from. i think 2 is standard otherwise rest is sti228 skies.
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DUST_ALP.rar - 71.5 KB - 18 views
The screenshots reminded me of GTA Vice City Big grin
A little extra or additional files. it seems i accidently have put some test files in the uploaded mod. sorry for that. if you like it then leave it as is.

for Kyoto, im gonna have to make new ones. but for now im using the ones form the autumn mod which may also come at some point in updated version.

also removed the vegetation from the walls as this wall on KY is also used for advert sign and small tower around track. i tried having a commercial on it too, but it also mirrors itself so text is not possible to use. so ended up with making it concrete ish, and it may look weird on the sign however it seems to fit all buildings and everything else. (its a weird file that one,lol).

kept the rails same.
rest is road files change. these are more dark and have leaves on them. however its not the final road surface. but i kind of ran out of...uhm...road.... Tongue
Attached files - 170.8 KB - 94 views - 682.8 KB - 97 views - 2.7 MB - 87 views - 682.8 KB - 96 views
have updated 3 or was it 4 buildings so far and seems to fit color and everything else for westhill.
however.. i messed up some of the door one door was half around a corner forexample.

so would have uploaded it today but thinking i need to check those out a bit more..
but they are done, im just not totally sure they are done correct , lol !

also updated grasspit (didnt fit color)
updated cliff and background to more sand looking dusty dunes.

updated almost all roadtextures to darker color, however i think im gonna test some more before launching.
maybe make all new as i got quite alot files now.

fiddling with flowers and grass. no changes made though. all tests failed.

changed a few textures from original to desertish. simply looked misplaced so was needed.

tested other road surfaces 2. time. too bright in cracks.

accidently put arrow pointing right way in roundabout files in the mod :/ originally is left around it.

made new roundabout arrows and arrow light sign. added new surface infront of it to fir current uploaded desert mod : both right and left side made.attached below.

made completely new pit in westhill. inside is now grey bricks more fitting for desert. and out side i originally was thinking to make a egyptian hiroglyph wall. however it cpoies itself i think or some weird thing so didnt look right. but working on ideas. backside of pits and from inside now have red old word garage door in HD.
old bricks along with conrete forms the buildng now.
HQ also got new concrete however only on colomns and some minor surface areas. this is due too im working on how the windows should look.

Thinking to change the bin color or maybe make it a wooden barrel.

added the kiosk update now with the house near the small kart track. house now have old dusty garage doors and one with rusty surface. its in the winrar file :

added the pit area files too.
inside and outside of the pitlane building westhill.

also adding pitroad file for the big kart track. still testing it.change to red and also noticed that file is vertikal not horisontal, so got that fixed too.

i think thats it...
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WSTkiosk1_ALP.rar - 2 MB - 31 views - 2.7 MB - 75 views - 682.8 KB - 75 views - 2.7 MB - 75 views
New Rockingham tunnels and vegatation/curbs
Rockingham Tunnels updated for Desert mod .
now its carved out in solid Rock Smile

Testing some desert vegatations aswell (oh..and made some new curbs)

thinking to test it without the green grass on.(just to see)

Attached images
desert vegetation.jpg
Trees desert
i figured how to get some tree files made aswell. so have made bushes and trees for a desert. but havent figured which places they should go to yet.

so up date later
New Dust file for smoke and gravel. now it throws rocks and gravel at you. as smoke it disolves pretty fast and easy so looks okay . looks very nice for rally drivers.

Attached images
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new road transitions
Made new road files for FernBay. i used bits form shimanov and lymches files to combine a file ralydirt1.

it puzzled me for ages how the mapping was in the rallycross area in fernbay.
and accidently i think i created to best fernbay high res dirt road textures i have seen to date in lfs.

heres the result :

when in motion. you dont really notice the transitions. only because of skidmarks is mapped on one file but not the other is it visible.also thinking to make the gravel on sides look more gravel ish.

turns out two files is half sizing and mirrors the half. so that took awhile to figure that out. and understandable lynche and other people didnt get it completely right. while i made these new files ,i could tell lynche had gone though the same thoughts. however it turned out great looking i think.

also experimenting with new road surfaces on FE. made a new goal line and two other road textures.(Tarmac)
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Attached files
FernBayDirtRoads.rar - 6.2 MB - 22 views
new beach house. used lynches file as base ,because it has some really nice water transition. added house and grass edge to it. however im thinking its not desert enough. so this could be used in the original if you like. im gonna do another house ,from a file i found of a deserted desert house, in high res. this file is also the ruin you see when coming down from the hill to the bridge straight.

"didnt test it in original,so dont know how it fits yet",but i think it could look ok with a greener lfs Smile
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Various walls (FernBay)
as i am doing these mods. im also making alot of testfiles. some of those were made to find a great looking wall(s) in FernBay. to see them ingame i then made them. but those i do not use, and could simply throw out, i was thinking instead. maybe someone likes them. so thats what is in this small pack.

the one named correctly (overwrite) is the one im thinking to actually use in the final mod.

the others you can rename to JA_wallz2

Attached files
FernBay-Various wall2 versions.rar - 9.9 MB - 19 views
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3 more testfiles for fernbay. these covers the main road and advertisement. but have some dirt on them ,and is same as the dirt track road surface, so fits that well. but putting it up for you to test aswell.

but please leave a note about what you think . thats kinda why i put them out , to know what others think of it. so that would be great thanks.

these are also made from lynches texture. simply to try and make it fit a bit more.
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Wow! Lynce Nr.2 Big grin
Quote from Litro :Wow! Lynce Nr.2 Big grin

well some files are still "borrowed" from others. but im getting there. finally found out my issue at fern bay too. so almost done with fernbay completely. also almost done with rockingham,and blackwood. so getting there Smile but thinking i should make own files instead of borrowed ones. so fidlling with that.

for new stuff made. changed some rocks in fernbay. made fire instincquiser NOS bottles.
editted some textures not made right. tried to figure out how to make the tram road in south city actually look like a tram road with rails. turns out it copy itself 3 times ,but it can be done, but some will think it look weird while others might like it. so making 2 Smile

changed some buildings and grass to sand in south city.made some stone buildings for rockingham.
changed curbs on several tracks(still working on those)"thought is to make them highly visible without being annoying to the scenery".fixed many plants. specially the weirdo fernbay tree which is also found in south city,kyoto,blackwood,aaand..aston.i think its on autocross too actually.spokky tree.its everwhere but you dont notice
anyways. changed metal to look more rusty and worn. changed concrete . (concrete7 ,changes the editor road) .

actually all these minor ,but many changes, also changed the lightning on many tracks. giving it a more pleasant feel to look at(for MANY hours straight) Schwitz LFS
south city tram road. and side walk pavement.

pavement may change, but for now i made this and seems to fit very well for desert.
its actually scaled down.divided it into 4 parts to fit better in stone size ingame.

tramroad. is 2 files. one for the hazardous intersection parts. these i made as a concrete road surface. the tram road is just that. a tram road. it could be higher resolution but this is a test to see how it look ingame. its slightly off, and its a 5 min work. so not a keeper, but is most likely how itll end up looking. tricky file too. at fist it seems impossible to make it look okay. because it splits up into 3 using same stretch of road. however by cutting by the actualy train rails, it suddenly fitted the road rails ingame aswell.

check out attached files.
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DESERT MOD April 2018 0.6R21 (The Making Of)
(38 posts, started )