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BF1 Cup 2018
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BF1 Cup 2018
LFS SUOMI BF1 Cup Season started 3.4.2018

BF1Cup Season there are also new beginners, but despite that, the track rules needs to follow!

Server seatplace are 47!
Race protest messages here:

Every Tuesday:
18:00 UTC Session start
18:30 UTC Qualification (approximate time)
19:00 UTC Race (45min, approximate time)

3.4 KY1 BF1
10.4 AS4R BF1
17.4 BL1 BF1
24.4 SO6 BF1
1.5 KY1R BF1
8.5 KY2 BF1
15.5 AS2 BF1
22.5 AS7 BF1
29.5 FE4R BF1
5.6 + Final race WE2/BF1 2 hours (Team Race possible)

Practise: 18.00 UTC (Here u get serverpass)
Qual clock 18.30 UTC ( Qual time: 20min )
break 10min
Race time 45min+1lap cl 19.00 UTC with LAGStart + pit
Server Name: "LFS SUOMI Events!
Teamspeak 3 is mandatory/No need Mic
IP: / Channel BF1 Cup 2018
Winner win S3 licence or 36pound voucher if players are all cup over 25
Race Start if players are every race atleast 5 players
Raceresults u can see

Points System:
1st – 20 pts
2nd – 18 pts
3d – 16 pts
4th – 14 pts
5th – 12 pts
6th – 10 pts
7th – 9 pts
8th – 8 pts
9th – 7 pts
10th – 6 pts
11th – 5 pts
12th – 4 pts
13th – 3 pts
14th – 2 pts
15th – 1 pts
Pole Position – 1 pts
Fastest Lap – 1 pts
Highest Climber – 1 pts

Our regulations are very simple and lets you enjoy what is the most important in our events: racing and meeting your friends! Only remember the following:

General Conditions:

In order to race you need to have Teamspeak and to join our channel at / BF1 Cup 2018 ( you don’t need mic, only listen )
No sign-up needed.
Race takes place at LFS Suomi Events! host Live For Speed
The server will be password protected before the Qualifications, so come early enough to join us. You can also ask the password in Teamspeak.
Race clean, respect other drivers.
Misbehaving might end up with ban

Winner win S3 licence or 30€ voucher example Steam store if players are all cup over 25
Race Start if players are every race atleast 5 players
Tämän iltainen kilpailu peruutettu! Syynä jatkuva/toistuva DDoS hyökkäys LFS pääpalvelimelle. Kilpailun alkamisajankohta siirtynee viikolla!

This summer's competition has been canceled! The reason is a continuous / recurring DDoS attack on the LFS main server. Race started 10.4.2018

BF1 Cup 2018
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