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Lightswitch ?
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Lightswitch ?
As i am trying to make a full operational nightmod. i was thinking .
how about a switch for lamps ,lamp posts, tunnel lights and bulps and work lights (not sure if corect english word). spotlights perhaps. could be in misc settings or some place in settings menu, if using night textures, this would be a great option to have . im aware in some settings for skies some lights do light up a bit, contra other skies. forexample is ordinary day, without lights,but suncloudy, with some lights in light poles. this could be a great feature adding to enviroment in LFS. even if not using night textures. i am also aware most LFS users probably wouldnt use it for anything, but having it as a setting would be ,well great. as i go through files one by one, i see there is actually alot of lamps and lights in LFS tracks. perhaps could even be in building windows too. maybe adverts too. have a little light above them as in reality.or from below . either way it would make a sense of realism a little bit stronger i see.

while im at it. i noticed at Aston that those lamp poles are giving more light from the casing of the light than the actual light source. but i guess its reflections that do that. but is very hard to make those look real in a night version. (im still in my thinking bubble about that one). Big grin
anyhuw. i think it would be cool to have some kind of switch/tab for it in settings.
Suggested before for sure all of them, directly or indirectly Tongue
Quote from UnknownMaster21 :Suggested before for sure all of them, directly or indirectly Tongue

oh. didnt see that :/ but then i would like to say its a good suggestion Smile
True that

There is so many suggestions released on air in all of these years that only unique ones are the things left to shout out.

Lightswitch ?
(4 posts, started )