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if you like to listen to trance music while driving in LFs (or just in generel).
i give away a 6 hour 30 minute dj mix conatining 70 tracks of the best trance out there.

this is legal for me to do ! as i am also in touch with labels used Wink

it can be downloaded by following link in description from dropbox (because its a filesze of 895 MB)(320kps)(Mp3)
yep you read that right. one mix, almost a GB. (i will make a 1 GB at some point aswell).

THE WIZARD DK - DragonTales Of Denmark 39 (I Miss You Selina Butterfly)

Chart positions

This upload was 6th in the #psy-trance chart, 8th in the #trance & progressive chart and 56th in the #trance chart. ... tterflyradio-version-cut/

FULL version FREE Download :

THE WIZARD DK Official on facebook :

maybe interested Victor ? Wink
this is what i do !

Every Saturday from 14-16 CET (Berlin)
use the grey player on the right or download a streaming link (rightclick save as) for your favorite player !
heres another FREE Download.

THE WIZARD DK - DragonTales Of Denmark 41 (Another Heaven In Your Eyes)

this was due to a failed recording. the full show can be found here :

THE WIZARD DK - DragonTales Of Denmark 41 (Another Heaven In Your Eyes) ... ther-heaven-in-your-eyes/ ... ther-heaven-in-your-eyes/

FREE download of failed recording here :
(mixing didnt fail. it just stopped the recording) (it happens)! ... dtod-41-failed-recording/

enjoy driving with music nonstop !
Some are addicted to drugs, I'm an addict of your mixes Big grin
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Quote from kristofferandersen :Some are addicted to drugs, I'm an addict of your mixes Big grin
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Music is what people should go out for. not the other things.
glad you like it Kris Smile more to come in the future Smile
THE WIZARD DK - DragonTales Of Denmark 48 (Nibiru Endless Prophecy)
THE WIZARD DK - DragonTales Of Denmark 48 (Nibiru Endless Prophecy)

Aired by:

01 Heavenly Trip-Dream in the Fairy Forest[Trance Paradise]
02 Guided By Noises-It´s All Gone Tomorrow(Original Mix)[Amber Blue Recordings]
03 Paravon-Nibiru(Para X Mix)[Digital Euphoria Recordings]
04 Javier De Baraja-Black Day(Fran&Co Remix)[Amber Blue Recordings]
05 Victor Special-Blazing(Unix SL Remix)[Mysterious Station]
06 System Nipel-Breathing(Original Mix)[Edge Vision]
07 Andrew Becks-Endless Prophecy(Original Mix)[Amber Blue Recordings]
08 Amine Maxwell-Majestic(Extended Mix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
09 TrancEye vs Audiowarp-Rise of the Two Different Worlds(TrancEye Dark Mashup)[]
10 DigitalArt & Ashley Apollodor-Portals Of Light(Original Mix)[Pegasus Music]
11 Air Project-Outside The Universe(Arsen Gold Remix)[Sundance Recordings]
12 Lux Shande-Modus(Original Mix)[AlYf Recordings]
13 Gabrielle AG-Mera(Original Mix)[D.MAX Dark]
14 Killsign Kilo & Hidden Tigress-Rapture(Frozen Skies Remix)[Lost World Recordings Red]
15 Phaxe-Angel of Destruction(Talla 2XLC Hands on Neelix Rework)[Soundcloud]
16 Eximinds-Interference(Original Mix)[Eximinds Airlines]
17 Nabil MJ-Too Many Lives(Original Mix)[Blackout Trance]
18 Pink-What About Us(Pink Panda Extended Mix)[Pink Panda Masters]
19 Nickelback-How You Remind Me(Bootleg Remix Watt & Jack)[]
20 Beat Tape-Girl(Original Mix)[Run Records]
21 Bryan Summerville Presents Ocean Boulevard-J.u.l.i.a.(Original Mix)[D.MAX Deep]
22 Daniel Kandi-Just For You(Lil Sandeep Vocal Mashup)[]
23 Carlo Mathaye-First Kiss(Original Mix)[Sundance Recordings]
24 Allegro-Serendipia(Original Mix)[Azura Recordings]
25 Nakhiya-Aurea Sententia(Original Mix)[Lost World Recordings Red]
26 Tekno & DJ T.H.-Big Keys(O.B.M Notion Remix)[Entrancing Music]
27 Nolans Stenemberg-Flashes(Original Mix)[Maraphobia]
28 Terry Bones vs Fred Baker-Introspection(Kamil Brandt Bootleg)[Vandit]
29 Saijad Zakaria-Emotional Encounter(Original Mix)[Entrancing Music]
30 George Acosta-Cruising(DJ Xquizit Remix)[Arkham Digital]
31 Thunder Project-Y.o.u Make Me Smile(Original Mix)[Lost World Recordings Red]
32 Aldo Henrycho feat.Thea Riley-Well Be Okay(Original Mix)[Abora Recordings]
33 Forbidden Mind-403(Original Mix)[D.MAX Recordings]
34 Zoe Song feat.Sophia Omarji-Frozen In Time(U-Mount Remix)[Maraphobia Vocalized]
35 Aurora Night-Destiny(Original Mix)[Mashbuk Recordings]
36 Safarda-Djerba(Original Mix)[Evolve Records]
37 DJ Abscence-Dreamcatcher(Original Mix)[Blackout Trance]
38 Victor Special-Light Faces(Stella Project Remix)[Mysterious Station]
39 Eddie Grant-The Hook(Original Mix)[TripleM Artists]
40 Sound Apparel-Follow Your Dream(Extended Mix)[Pulsar Recordings]
41 Tribal Temptation-Back Till Eternity(Original Mix)[Neurals Records]
42 NewTone-Welcome To Valhalla(Original Mix)[FREE DL][Pegasus Music]
43 Munsmawa-Amor Fe Y Confianza![Andean Tribe Records]
44 Moreno J-The Madness of War(Original Mix)[VERSE Recordings(Equinox)]

Story :
Dream in the Fairy Forest,It´s All Gone Tomorrow.
Nibiru,Black Day,Blazing,Breathing,Endless Prophecy.
Majestic,Rise of the Two Different Worlds.
Portals Of Light,Outside The Universe,Modus,Mera,Rapture.
Angel of Destruction,Interference,Too Many Lives.
What About Us,How You Remind Me,Girl,J.u.l.i.a.
Just For You,First Kiss,Serendipia,Aurea Sententia.
Big Keys,Flashes,Introspection,Emotional Encounter,Cruising.
Y.o.u Make Me Smile,We´ll Be Okay!
403,Frozen In Time,Destiny,Djerba.
Dreamcatcher,Light Faces,The Hook.
Follow Your Dream,Back Till Eternity,Welcome To Valhalla!
Amor Fe Y Confianza,The Madness of War.

192kps version (due to mixcloud limit) : ... u-endless-prophecy192kps/

320kps version : ... -nibiru-endless-prophecy/

This is not a free download !

Stoned Sun-Violation of Freedom (Original Mix)[THE WIZARD DK Recordings]
Stoned Sun-Violation of Freedom (Live For Speed Mix)[THE WIZARD DK Recordings]

A track made for LFS. this is a ogg file for LFS radio !

Sounds are from Le Mans straight.
Preview & FREE DOWNLOAD ... xthe-wizard-dk-recordings

Goes to :
The track is made EXCLUSIVELY for LFS. its not released anywhere else but THE WIZARD DK Recordings!

Find stoned sun here :

Top definition:
sun stoned
after laying out in the sun for so long everything starts to look different and you feel...stoned. Not actually stoned, just the feeling. Also that point in laying out in the sun where you become extremely unaware of what is going on around you and you pretty much don't care.
I was so sun stoned yesterday I didn't even notice the sharks!

Regards ~wiz
THE WIZARD DK - DragonTales Of Denmark 49 (Pills Overdose Humanity)
THE WIZARD DK - DragonTales Of Denmark 49 (Pills Overdose Humanity)

Chart positions

This upload was 8th in the #psy-trance chart, 16th in the #psytrance chart and 45th in the #uplifting trance chart.

Aired by :

01 Johannes Fischer-Sara(Original Mix)[Abora Symphonic]
02 DD-Begin(Original Mix)[Run Records]
03 Mirnha-Pills(Original Mix)[Eme Music]
04 Fantome & Known Disaster-Low Down(Original Mix)[Hypnoz Records]
05 Camila Cabello ft.Young Thug-Havana(Pink Panda Remix)[Epic Records]
06 Coolphonic-Collision Course(Original Mix)[D.MAX Deep]
07 Andrew Henry & Mehdi Belkadi-Mirana(Original Mix)[Evolve Records]
08 Cyril Ryaz-Parisienne(Original Mix)[Entrancing Music]
09 RT-Track 5(Extended Mix)[Electronic Gate Records]
10 Blaine-Serenity(Original Mix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
11 Miguel Angel Castellini-Crystalline Blue(Original Mix)[Blackout Trance]
12 Coldplay-Midnight(Aldo Henrychos Progressive Mix)[]
13 Nx Trance-Overdose(Original Mix)[Mysterious Station Dark]
14 Marco Mc Neil-Twisted Sun(Original Mix)[Sundance Recordings]
15 Nx Trance-Wreck(Original Mix)[Mysterious Station Dark]
16 DreamLife-Sky Reflection(Original Mix)[Pulsar Recordings]
17 Blaine-N Force(Airstone Remix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
18 Aeden-Kraken(Original Mix)[Sundance Recordings]
19 DJ Abscence-Alternate Reality(Original Mix)[Blackout Trance]
20 Jardin-Redline(Original Mix)[D.MAX Recordings]
21 74tibs-One16(Original Mix)[AlYf Recordings]
22 Alexander Gagarin-Live Your Life(Original Mix)[Maraphobia]
23 SoundLift-Shining(Original Mix)[Abora Recordings]
24 Carbon Based Lifeforms-Interloper(MaxRevenge Bootleg)[]
25 Maratone & Dreamseekers-Humanity(Original Mix)[Maraphobia Shaded]
26 Sothzanne String-Beautiful Feeling(Seif & Paula Remix)[Liberty Music Records]
27 Eric Zimmer & Spins-At Long Last(Dreamy Banging Remix)[VERSE Recordings(Equinox)]
28 Zoe Song feat.Sophia Omarji-Frozen In Time(R3dub Remix)[Maraphobia Vocalized]
29 Code Black-Brighter Day(TrancEye Bootleg)[]
30 Delerium-Silence(RAM Remix)[Soundcloud]
31 Andres Cuartas & Julius Beat-Aoda(Original Mix)[SunDance Recordings]
32 Daniel B Feat.Susan McDaid-Lost(Chillout Mix)[D.MAX Deep]

Sara,Begin,Pills,Low Down,Havana,Collision Course,Mirana.
Parisienne,Track 5,Serenity,Crystalline Blue,Midnight,Overdose.
Twisted Sun,Wreck,Sky Reflection,N Force,Kraken,Alternate Reality,Redline,One16.
Live Your Life,Shining,Interloper,Humanity.
Beautiful Feeling,At Long Last,Frozen In Time,Brighter Day,Silence,Aoda,Lost!

On Mixcloud : ... -pills-overdose-humanity/

On hearthis at : ... -pills-overdose-humanity/
THE WIZARD DK - DragonTales Of Denmark 50 (Awakening To Be Who We Truly Are)
THE WIZARD DK - DragonTales Of Denmark 50 (Awakening To Be Who We Truly Are)

Chart Positions:
trance 77th psytrance 16th psy-trance 9th

Aired By :

01 Dominik von Francois-Strogressive(Marian Closca Chillout Remix)[Pulsar Recordings]
02 Abyss(Giuseppe Morabito)-Collapse[Kismet Records]
03 Franco Rossi-Imperial Droid[Kill Me Tomorrow]
04 Schwarz & Weisz-Under Attack(Florian Schmidt Remix)[Ace Up My Sleeve Records]
05 Emaxx Cost Manu Escobar-The Dark Side[Kill Me Tomorrow Records]
06 Charlie Atom-Black Magic(Original Mix)[Ensis Records]
07 SHLOMIxCOYU-Profound Blonda(Unofficial Heinrich & Heine Rework)[HUHFREE001]
08 S.D.A.-Technologic(Original Mix)[BAD MUSIC]
09 Reflect-Techno Revolucion(Original Mix)[Eme Music]
10 Key-Spong(Original Mix)[Appointed Recordings]
11 Sky Angel & Shockwaves-New Horizon(Sebastian Montano Remix)[Sundance Recordings]
12 Ithur-Hidden Feelings(Original Mix)[Liberty Music Records]
13 Ciro Visone & Mr.Hyde-Emozioni(Original Mix)[Neurals Records]
14 Al Sebastian-Adoraos(Original Mix)[Mysterious Station]
15 Ciro Visone & Rita Visone-Millenia(Original Mix)[Abora Skies Recordings]
16 Kiyoi & Eky-Remember When(Original Mix)[Blackout Trance]
17 Skydivemars With Eddie Grant-The Space Within(Extended Mix)[TripleM Artists]
18 Malek Slim-Shelter(Original Mix)[Mashbuk Recordings]
19 Carl Daylim-Alma(Mike Rodas Remix)[Sundance Recordings]
20 Aurora Night-Destiny(Original Mix)[Mashbuk Recordings]
21 Marc van Gale-Midnight Faces(Original Mix)[Maraphobia Essentials]
22 Arif Kasimov-Course Of Life(Original Mix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
23 Rave Nine-Saviors(Original Mix)[Azura Recordings]
24 W!SS-Angel Tears(Katylyst Remix)[Liberty Music Records]
25 Maratone-Sunrise(Asteroid Remix)[Maraphobia]
26 Night Sky feat.Sonia Suvagau-To Be Who We Truly Are(Afternova Remix Club Edit)[Abora Recordings]
27 Ryota Arai-Daily Horoscopes(Original Mix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
28 Samuel Barber-Adagio For Strings(TrancEye Remix)FREE DOWNLOAD[]
29 Zoe Song feat.Sophia Omarji-Frozen In Time(Danny Zero Remix)[Maraphobia Vocalized]
30 Baltic & Prucnel-Animals(Original Mix)[Blackout Trance]
31 Eric Zimmer & Spins-At Long Last(Original Mix)[VERSE Recordings(Equinox)]
32 Kevin Vergauwen & Chatry Van Hove-Awakening(Original Mix)[Entrancing Music]
33 InnerSync-Beach Breeze(Original Mix)[VERSE Recordings(Equinox)]

On Mixcloud: ... g-to-be-who-we-truly-are/

On Hearthis at: ... g-to-be-who-we-truly-are/

Story :
Imperial Droid,Under Attack.
The Dark Side,Black Magic,Profound Blonda,Technologic,Techno Revolucion.
Spong,New Horizon,Hidden Feelings,Emozioni,Adoraos.
Millenia,Remember When,The Space Within,Shelter,Alma.
Destiny,Midnight Faces.
Course Of Life,Saviors,Angel Tears,Sunrise.
To Be Who We Truly Are.
Daily Horoscopes,Adagio For Strings,Frozen In Time.
Animals,At Long Last,Awakening,Beach Breeze.
THE WIZARD DK - SideQuest Special 9 (Funky Freddy Born Slippy)
THE WIZARD DK - SideQuest Special 9 (Funky Freddy Born Slippy)

Mixcloud: ... funky-freddy-born-slippy/ : ... funky-freddy-born-slippy/

01 Jens Jakob-303 Idiot(Original Mix)[Unique Sound Records Revolution]
02 Jens Jakob-Astronaut(Original Mix)[Unique Sound Records Revolution]
03 Jens Jakob-Acid Man(Original Mix)[Unique Sound Records]
04 Jens Jakob-Acid Up(Original Mix)[Unique Sound Records Revolution]
05 The Ultimate Seduction-House Nation(Jens Jakob Bootleg)[SoundCloud]
06 Jens Jakob-Funky Freddy(Original Mix)[Unique Sound Records Revolution]
07 Underworld-Born Slippy(Jens Jakob Remix)[SoundCloud]
08 Jens Jakob-Danish Devil(Original Mix)[Unique Sound Records Revolution]
09 Jens Jakob-Sound Of Music(Original Mix)[Unique Sound Records Revolution]
10 Jens Jakob-Deez Nutz Bruh(Original Mix)[Unique Sound Records Revolution]
11 Trance Hunter-Power Of The Code(Jens Jakob Remix)[Mysterious Station Dark]
12 Kiyoi & Eky-Inside The Storm(Jens Jakob Remix)[Unique Sound Records Revolution]
13 Jens Jakob-Bloody Doors(Original Mix)[Unique Sound Records Revolution]
14 Jens Jakob-Nordic(Original Mix)[Unique Sound Records Revolution]
15 Jens Jakob-Africa(Original Mix)[Unique Sound Records Revolution]
16 Deep Whirlpool-Mystery(Jens Jakob Remix)[Unique Sound Records Revolution]
17 Jens Jakob-Acid Galaxy(Original Mix)[Unique Sound Records]
18 The Prodigy-Voodoo People(Jens Jakob Bootleg)[SoundCloud]
19 Nephew-Police Bells & Church Sirens(Jens Jakob bootleg)[Freebie]
20 Jens Jakob & René Jul-Oxygen(Original Mix)[Progressive Beating]
21 Jens Jakob-Swing Jam(Original Mix)[Unique Sound Records Revolution]

Aired by :

Story :
303 Idiot,Astronaut,Acid Man,Acid Up,House Nation.
Funky Freddy,Born Slippy,Danish Devil,Sound Of Music.
Deez Nutz Bruh,Power Of The Code,Inside The Storm,Bloody Doors.
Nordic,Africa,Mystery,Acid Galaxy,Voodoo People.
Police Bells & Church Sirens,Oxygen,Swing Jam Wink

Jens Jakob :

Hope you enjoy Smile

Saturdays from 13-15 Cet @

The Myth , The Legend , THE WIZARD DK

Pegi 18+ Advised :
Explicit Lyrics
THE WIZARD DK - Saga in Trance 1 (Remember Danmark)
THE WIZARD DK - Saga in Trance 1 (Remember Danmark)

Aired By :

01 Necmi Vs Kim Larsen-Prog Flyvere i Natten(THE WIZARD DK Hybrid)[Medley Records][PSR Music]
02 SYNTHINEL-Last War 2.0(Original Mix)[TRANCEfonic Records]
03 Adip Kiyoi-Intensity(Extended Mix)[Entrancing Music]
04 Selena Gomez & Marshmello-Wolves(Pink Panda Remix)[Free Track]
05 Vadim Bonkrashkov-Fenix(Cyril Ryaz Remix)[Entrancing Music]
06 Operation Sunshine-Flying(2017 Rework)[Appointed Recordings]
07 Neoxid-Future(Original Mix)[Pegasus Music]
08 Cloudflier-Lets go!(Original Mix)[AlYf Recordings]
09 Aeden-Once Upon A Time(Original Mix)[Sundance Recordings]
10 Alex Van Gray-Remember(Original Mix)[Mysterious Station Dark]
11 Alternate High-On My Mind(Original Mix)[VERSE Recordings(Equinox)]
12 Ryan Raya-Pure Love(Original Mix)[Appointed Recordings]
13 2Faced-Obsession(Original Mix)[Blackout Trance]
14 Air Project-Hold Your Life(Original Mix)[Blackout Trance]
15 InnerSync-Resting On The Beach(Original Mix)[Abora Chillout]
16 Enfortro-Pass The Ketchup(Original Mix)[Uplift U]
17 Andy Blueman-Neverland(Energetic Mix)[Abora Recordings]
18 Malek Slim-Lost Temple(Jeitam Osheen Remix)[Liberty Music Records]
19 RyTrance-Lydia(Original Mix)[TRANCEfonic Records]
20 Kream Sauce-Mockery(Original Mix)[Pegasus Music]
21 Adnane Touzani-Chapters(Original Mix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
22 Stella Project-Endless Way(Nolans Stenemberg Remix)[Mysterious Station]
23 Semper T-Unscathed(Original Mix)[Sundance Recordings]
24 Sanani-Lonely World(Original Mix)[D.MAX Deep]
25 U-Mount-Miracle(Trancestor Remix)[Transire Recordings]
26 Votchik-Alive(Original Mix)[Melodios Music]
27 Protocol-Here We Are(Original Mix)[Pegasus Music]
28 David Surok-Another Dimension(Liam Van Hoven Remix)[Sundance Recordings]
29 Victor Special-Land of Believe(Original Mix)[Appointed Recordings]
30 Ude af Kontrol-This is Denmark[Free Track]
31 Gnags-Danmark(Original)[Genlyd]

Prog Flyvere i Natten,Last War 2.0,Intensity,Wolves.
Fenix,Flying,Future,Lets go!
Once Upon A Time,Remember,On My Mind,Pure Love.
Obsession,Hold Your Life,Resting On The Beach.
Pass The Ketchup.
Neverland,Lost Temple,Lydia,Mockery,Chapters,Endless Way.
Unscathed,Lonely World,Miracle,Alive.
Here We Are,Another Dimension,Land of Believe,This is Denmark.

On ... rance-1-remember-danmark/
On Mixcloud: ... rance-1-remember-danmark/
THE WIZARD DK - Blackout Trance End of the Year 2017 Special
THE WIZARD DK - Blackout Trance End of the Year 2017 Special

Album out December 1st.
included is a mix mixed by the Legendary Three drives (the one with the track Greece 2000)
Three Drives on Mixcloud :
All tracks is courtesy of Blackout Trance Label ©

01 F.G. Noise Vs Andrew Manning-Amsterdam(Original Mix)[Blackout Trance]
02 Nicola Riviera-ItaliaTrance(Original Mix)[Blackout Trance]
03 Eric Senn-Astrum 90(Original Mix)[Blackout Trance]
04 The Avains-Corageous(Radio Edit)[Blackout Trance]
05 Fawzy & Ryan K-Internal Blackout(Eric Senn Remix)[Blackout Trance]
06 Marco Mc Neil-Discovery(Original Mix)[Blackout Trance]
07 Kiyoi & Eky-Nusa Dua(Original Mix)[Blackout Trance]
08 2Faced-Obsession(Original Mix)[Blackout Trance]
09 Jhonny Vergel-Season(Original Mix)[Blackout Trance]
10 Schneider & RoNiVi-Innocent Feelings(Original Mix)[Blackout Trance]
11 LightControl & Adam Morris-Fantasy(Original Mix)[Blackout Trance]
12 Air Project-Hold Your Life(Original Mix)[Blackout Trance]
13 DJ Abscence-Sentience(Original Mix)[Blackout Trance]
14 Northern Trace-Oxy(Original Mix)[Blackout Trance]
15 Rezwan Khan-Project 2571(Original Mix)[Blackout Trance]
16 Brent Rix-Lunar Halo(Original Mix)[Blackout Trance]
17 Fabrice-Northern Lights(Original Mix)[Blackout Trance]
18 Miguel Angel Castellini-White Light Universe(Original Mix)[Blackout Trance]
19 Ben Ashley-Saturn(Original Mix)[Blackout Trance]
20 Hyperphycron-Soul Healer(Original Mix)[Blackout Trance]
21 Ahmed Soliman & Omar Yasser-The Moon(Original Mix)[Blackout Trance]
22 Alex Van Gray-One Day(Original Mix)[Blackout Trance]
23 Eryon Stocker-The Sound Of The Seagulls(Original Mix)[Blackout Trance]
24 Moreno J-The Body Pulse of Seduction(Original Mix)[Blackout Trance]
25 Marc de Buur & Cole Twains-Wherever You Are(Original Mix)[Blackout Trance]
26 Fawzy & Ryan K-Internal Blackout(Original Mix)[Blackout Trance]

The Wizard´s Blackout Story :
Amsterdam,ItaliaTrance,Astrum 90,Corageous,Internal Blackout,Discovery,Nusa Dua,Obsession.
Season,Innocent Feelings,Fantasy,Hold Your Life,Sentience.
Oxy,Project 2571,Lunar Halo,Northern Lights,White Light Universe.
Saturn,Soul Healer,The Moon,One Day.
The Sound Of The Seagulls,The Body Pulse of Seduction,Wherever You Are,Internal Blackout!

Blackout Trance :
Blackout Technical :
Blackout Trance Division :

On Mixcloud: ... of-the-year-2017-special/
On : ... f-the-year-2017-special/
THE WIZARD DK - LABEL PROMO MIX 11 (SubMission Recordings)
THE WIZARD DK - LABEL PROMO MIX 11 (SubMission Recordings)

All tracks are courtesy of Submission Recordings ©
SubMission Recordings: ... mission-recordings/29170

01 Ross Cairns-10.18(Kinetica Remix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
02 Alton-I Think(Original Mix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
03 DJ Geri-20hz(Biotones Remix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
04 Sajjad Zakaria-Intension(Firdavs Isoev Remix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
05 INDI & Atragun-Submit(To The Music)(Miroslav Vrlik Remix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
06 Nabil MJ-Always & Forever(Original Mix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
07 Djumpers-Another World(Original Mix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
08 Ryota Arai-Daily Horoscopes(Myk Bee Remix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
09 Neil Bamford-Astral Ability(Original Mix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
10 Blaine-N Force(Original Mix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
11 Amine Maxwell-Hypnotism(Original Mix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
12 Tom Bro-Horizons(Witness45 Remix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
13 Dax & Atragun-Aura(Original Mix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
14 Kiyoi & Eky-Telepathy(Original Mix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
15 Phantom Saga-Phantom Saga(Original Mix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
16 Cederquist-Optima(Tim Verkruissen Remix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
17 Ion Luca-Only(Original Mix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
18 Adnane Touzani-Olympia(Original Mix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
19 Amine Maxwell-Majestic(Extended Mix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
20 Atragun & Second Mars-7 Angels(Original Mix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
21 DJ Absence & Karim Farouk-Nirvana(Original Mix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
22 Emre Colak-Melodrama(Original Mix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
23 Adnane Touzani-Moments(Original Mix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
24 Arif Kasimov-The Navi(Original Mix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
25 Ion Luca-Deep Soul(Original Mix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
26 Nemke-Gaia(Original Mix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
27 Emre Colak-Sensation(Original Mix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
28 Myk Bee-Reconnect(Original Mix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
29 Ion Luca-Together(Original Mix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
30 Highforcer-We Are One(Original Mix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
31 INDI & Atragun-Submit(To The Music)(Johann Stone Remix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]

THE WIZARD DK´S Submission Story:
10.18,I Think,20hz,Intension,Submit(To The Music),Always & Forever.
Another World,Daily Horoscopes,Astral Ability,N Force,Hypnotism,Horizons,Aura,Telepathy.
Phantom Saga,Optima,Only,Olympia,Majestic,7 Angels,Nirvana,Melodrama,Moments.
The Navi,Deep Soul,Gaia,Sensation,Reconnect.
Together,We Are One!
Submit(To The Music).

On Mixcloud: ... 11-submission-recordings/
On ... 11-submission-recordings/

so if you wondered what the logo on my RB4 is. well now you know Smile
THE WIZARD DK - LABEL PROMO MIX 12 (Liberty Music Records.Liberty Dark)
THE WIZARD DK - LABEL PROMO MIX 12 (Liberty Music Records.Liberty Dark)

All Tracks is courtesy of Liberty Music Records / Liberty Dark ©

THE WIZARD DK´s Liberty Story:
Welcome To Pleiades,Alpha Centauri,Peractorum,Airport.
The Milky Way,Earth,Gea,Cosmic Love,Divine,Entities Of Light,
In Our Dimension,Metamorphosis,Dark Lullaby,Stellarum,Om A Hum.
Age Of Love,A Way Forward,The Golden Age,Unforgettable,Lost Temple,
Rift Valley,Terra Promessa,Monsun,Liquid Energy,Nicodemus,Silence Noise.
The Light,Unknown Musician,Hidden Feelings,Liberty,
Beautiful Feeling,Angel Tears,Heart Of Angel,Heroes,Tears of Liberty!

Liberty Music Records:
Liberty Dark:

01 Mr.Galaxy-Welcome To Pleiades(Original Mix)[Liberty Music Records]
02 Mr.Galaxy-Alpha Centauri(Original Mix)[Liberty Music Records]
03 Nohek-Peractorum(Original Mix)[Liberty Music Records]
04 AirLab7-Airport(Original Mix)[Liberty Music Records]
05 Mr.Galaxy-The Milky Way(Original Mix)[Liberty Music Records]
06 CH.YV-Earth(Original Mix)[Liberty Dark]
07 Jean Boris-Gea(Original Mix)[Liberty Music Records]
08 Dave Moz Mozo-Cosmic Love(Emotional Mix)[Liberty Music Records]
09 W!SS-Divine(Malek Slim Remix)[Liberty Music Records]
10 Josh Dirschka-Entities Of Light(A.V.M. vs Northern Trace Dark Mix)[Liberty Dark]
11 VEIZO-In Our Dimension(Original Mix)[Liberty Music Records]
12 Josh Dirschka-Metamorphosis(Original Mix)[Liberty Dark]
13 CbasSlazr & Northern Trace-Dark Lullaby(Original Mix)[Liberty Music Records]
14 Braulio Stefield-Stellarum(Original Mix)[Liberty Music Records]
15 Kindzerskiy Sergiy Ft.Tamari-Om A Hum(STRZ Remix)[Liberty Music Records]
16 MakeFlame-Age Of Love(Original Mix)[Liberty Music Records]
17 Josh Dirschka-A Way Forward(Hardie Cooper Remix)[Liberty Dark]
18 Martins White-The Golden Age(Original Mix)[Liberty Music Records]
19 Erick Zen-Unforgettable(CbasSlazr Remix)[Liberty Music Records]
20 Malek Slim-Lost Temple(Original Mix)[Liberty Music Records]
21 Gravitega-Rift Valley(Original Mix)[Liberty Music Records]
22 Erick Zen-Terra Promessa(Original Mix)[Liberty Music Records]
23 James Lass-Monsun(Original Mix)[Liberty Music Records]
24 NicolaR-Liquid Energy(Original Mix)[Liberty Music Records]
25 Braulio Stefield-Nicodemus(Seif & Paula Remix)[Liberty Music Records]
26 James Lass-Silence Noise(Original Mix)[Liberty Music Recordings]
27 Santiago Diaz-The Light(Original Mix)[Liberty Music Records]
28 Cj S.a.y.-Unknown Musician(Original Mix)[Liberty Music Records]
29 Ithur-Hidden Feelings(Original Mix)[Liberty Music Records]
30 Joseph Alam Half vs.Martins White-Liberty(Original Mix)[Liberty Music Records]
31 Sothzanne String-Beautiful Feeling(Andrew Henry Remix)[Liberty Music Records]
32 W!SS-Angel Tears(Katylyst Remix)[Liberty Music Records]
33 Ramli Rayel-Heart Of Angel(Original Mix)[Liberty Music Records]
34 Erick Zen-Heroes(Original Mix)[Liberty Music Records]
35 Martins White-Tears of Liberty(James Lass Remix)[Liberty Dark]

Mixcloud: ... usic-recordsliberty-dark/ ... usic-recordsliberty-dark/

(Cubicling) DELETED by Scawen : copyright violation
a few of mine can be found on youtube or soundcloud or just search bishmyster on google, nothing totally amazing but also not super bad. 2 of my friends have more experience and success with the first rick harmony who is a dj/record producer and also my friend who also dj's in a lot of clubs in glasgow area as well as having his own record label and radio station - stephen Mcconachie

old one of ricks
Quote from Cubicling :...quote from deleted post...

that is direct stealing just so you know.
some of my mixes can be downloaded from . but if you download it from mixcloud. thats a steal.
actually is fighting alot against these sites so if you could please remove the illegal link i be thankful Smile (mixes on mixcloud also have copyrighted content and therefore using these addons for downloading music is illegal).

Quote from bishtop :a few of mine can be found on youtube or soundcloud or just search bishmyster on google, nothing totally amazing but also not super bad. 2 of my friends have more experience and success with the first rick harmony who is a dj/record producer and also my friend who also dj's in a lot of clubs in glasgow area as well as having his own record label and radio station - stephen Mcconachie

old one of ricks

name rings a bell actually. not sure from where i heard it, but i did..
every saturday from 13-15 cet (berlin)
use the grey players on right or download a streaming link for your favorite player by rightclicking the player you like and save as.

Quote from THE WIZARD DK :that is direct stealing just so you know.
some of my mixes can be downloaded from . but if you download it from mixcloud. thats a steal.
actually is fighting alot against these sites so if you could please remove the illegal link i be thankful Smile (mixes on mixcloud also have copyrighted content and therefore using these addons for downloading music is illegal).

name rings a bell actually. not sure from where i heard it, but i did..

Rick harmony used to race on LFS around 2009, and run the first team i was in called VRT (viper racing team) so it could be you have met him on lfs but he has also had sets on at ibiza and parts of the uk,he has changed his dj name to zariis now also
I also follow your post on facebook, i have a real love for music both playing instruments such as the electric guitar to piano aswell as learning to remix music,where rick has a degree in sound engineering aswell as a few others
Quote from bishtop :Rick harmony used to race on LFS around 2009, and run the first team i was in called VRT (viper racing team) so it could be you have met him on lfs but he has also had sets on at ibiza and parts of the uk,he has changed his dj name to zariis now also
I also follow your post on facebook, i have a real love for music both playing instruments such as the electric guitar to piano aswell as learning to remix music,where rick has a degree in sound engineering aswell as a few others

i play one secret instrument. but i never tell which it is. i think i met him in LFS and i also see this name following me on ze web now Smile i used to drive with vtiracing for a period of time in LFS. could be he was around then maybe. i was in a team named Alias then i think. or maybe that was before . i added a link on mixcloud ,if someone wants to be my guest on my show.
i dont care if youre armin VB or if noone never heard of you. its what comes out from the heart that matters. i had rookies on my show before who never made a mix before. so on that part im not like most others.
there is some requirements tho. this will be adressed if i am contacted hereof.

i take on anybody!
but its a good idea to have a mix somewhere people can listen to so they know what you can do.

Quote from Cubicling :...quote from deleted post...

gave you a couple of days to remove the illegal links. you didnt. my only option is to report your post then. was hoping i could avoid it by common sense. seems it didnt work. ! so i reported your post now !

COPYRIGHT does NOT mean the right to copy...
THE WIZARD DK - Distant Lightyears Special (SunDance Recordings)
THE WIZARD DK - Distant Lightyears Special (SunDance Recordings)

All Tracks is courtesy of Sundance Recordings ©
Official Release: 3rd December, 2017.

01 Aditya K Balu & Henry Moe-Fragrance Of Incense[Sundance Recordings]
02 Aditya K Balu & Henry Moe-Yarra Spring(Extended Mix)[Sundance Recordings]
03 Aditya K Balu & Henry Moe-Distant Lightyears(Extended Mix)[Sundance Recordings]
04 Aditya K Balu & Henry Moe & Aylin Aloski-Start Again(Extended Mix)[Sundance Recordings]
05 Aditya K Balu & Henry Moe & Mike Phoebus-Emotional Dependency(Extended Mix)[Sundance Recordings]
06 Aditya K Balu & Henry Moe & Bianca Molini-Perfections Of Her(Extended Mix)[Sundance Recordings]
07 Aditya K Balu & Henry Moe & Amber Traill-Follow You(Extended Mix)[Sundance Recordings]
08 Aditya K Balu & Henry Moe-Mystical Illusions(Extended Mix)[Sundance Recordings]
09 Aditya K Balu & Henry Moe-Scarlet Summer(Extended Mix)[Sundance Recordings]
10 Aditya K Balu & Henry Moe-Call Me Ragga[Sundance Recordings]

Album Story:
Fragrance Of Incense,Yarra Spring,Distant Lightyears.
Start Again,Emotional Dependency,Perfections Of Her.
Follow You,Mystical Illusions,Scarlet Summer.
Call Me Ragga

Henry Moe:
Sundance Recordings :


On Mixcloud:

THE WIZARD DK - DragonTales Of Denmark 51 (Rebirth Start Again)

Aired by :

01 Splash-I Need Rhythm(Preaching Machine Gun Remix)[WEA Musik GmbH]
02 Robert DB-My Groove(Original Mix)[BAD MUSIC]
03 Loving Loop-Listen To That Fat Bass(Fact Of Life`s House Remix)[Compile Records]
04 KoSvil-Rebirth(Original Mix)[AlYf Recordings]
05 Goc-Energy(Original Mix)[Pulsar Recordings]
06 LightControl-Universe Inside Me(Extended Mix)[Lost World Recordings Red]
07 Checho Suarez-Dark Soul(Original Mix)[D.MAX Dark]
08 Illitheas & Terry Gaters-Aestas(Radio Edit)[Abora Recordings]
09 Fabrice-Le Voyage(Original Mix)[Blackout Technical]
10 Independent Art-Daylight(Original Mix)[Gert Records]
11 Airborne US-Edge Of Infinity(Original Mix)[Appointed Recordings]
12 NyTiGen-Renessance(Original Mix)[Gert Records]
13 South Empire-A Fragment To Peru(Original Mix)[D.MAX Recordings]
14 Dan Smooth & Elena T-Soar(Original Mix)[Gert Records]
15 Waven-The Power Of Leo(Original Mix)[D.MAX Deep]
16 Dave Moz Mozo-Paradise In Your Eyes(Original Mix)[Mysterious Station]
17 Allan Dark-On Waves(Original Mix)[Gert Records]
18 Anton Greco-Around the Angels(Original Mix)[Neurals Records]
19 Airborne US-Hornet(Original Mix)[Appointed Recordings]
20 Dyukanya-Dreams Come True!(Original Mix)[Gert Records]
21 Andrea Ribeca-Firewire(Original Mix)[Azura Recordings]
22 Ramin Arab-Never Give Up(Original Mix)[Appointed Recordings]
23 Aditya K Balu & Henry Moe & Aylin Aloski-Start Again(Extended Mix)[Sundance Recordings]
24 Andy Blueman-Everlasting(Original Mix)[Abora Recordings]
25 Air Project-Secrets Of The Sea(Tech Mix)[Blackout Technical]
26 Tom Rogers Feat.Derek Joel-Follow Me Down(Dark Edit)[IHU Records]
27 MarioMos-Golden Age(Original Mix)[Trance Terminal Recordings]
28 Akamana-Amane(Original Mix)[Mysterious Station]
29 One Pale Ghost-Distance(Arcania Remix)[Evolve Records]
30 Jedmar-AudiOrganism(Original Mix)[Maraphobia]
31 Klassy Project ft.Lokka Vox-Angel(Uplifting Mix)[Appointed Recordings]
32 Michael Trenfield-Taboo(Original Mix)[Pegasus Music]
33 Mittelstandskinder ohne Strom-Sleep(Datacult Remix)[FREE DOWNLOAD]
34 InnerSync-Oasis Of Tranquility(Original Mix)[Abora Chillout]

I Need Rhythm.
My Groove,Listen To That Fat Bass,Rebirth,Energy,Universe Inside Me,Dark Soul,Aestas.
Le Voyage,Daylight,Edge Of Infinity,Renessance,A Fragment To Peru,Soar,The Power Of Leo.
Paradise In Your Eyes,On Waves,Around the Angels,Hornet,Dreams Come True!
Firewire,Never Give Up,Start Again,Everlasting,Secrets Of The Sea.
Follow Me Down,Golden Age,Amane,Distance,AudiOrganism,Angel,Taboo.
Sleep,Oasis Of Tranquility.

Regards ~wiz

On Mixcloud:
THE WIZARD DK - Andy Blueman Xmix Special(Everlasting Neverland 2017)
THE WIZARD DK - Andy Blueman Xmix Special(Everlasting Neverland 2017)

01 Andy Blueman-Nyctalopia(Radio Edit)[Abora Recordings]
02 Driftmoon & Andy Blueman feat.Dsharp-Leviticus(Ahmed Romel Remix)[Soundcloud]
03 Andy Blueman-Everlasting(Emotional Mix)[Abora Recordings]
04 Andy Blueman-Neverland(Energetic Mix)[Abora Recordings]
05 Driftmoon & Andy Blueman feat.DSharp-Exodus(In & Out Mix)[FREE GIVEAWAY]
06 Andy Blueman-Sea Tides(Energetic Mix)[Abora Recordings]
07 Andy Blueman-Time To Rest(Extended Radio Edit)[Abora Recordings]
08 Reconceal vs.Andy Blueman feat.Ana Criado-World to Come Home(Marc Tatossian Mashup)[Soundcloud]
09 Simon O'Shine vs.Andy Blueman-Your Distant Rest(Marc Tatossian Mashup)[Soundcloud]

Xmix Story :
Exodus,Sea Tides,Time To Rest.
World to Come Home,Your Distant Rest!

Andy Blueman:
Abora Recordings:

Regards ~wiz

On Mixcloud:

THE WIZARD DK - Sound Apparel Xmix Special (Follow Your Dream)
THE WIZARD DK - Sound Apparel Xmix Special (Follow Your Dream)

01 Sound Apparel-Intro(Original Mix)[Pulsar Recordings]
02 Sound Apparel-Sadness(2017 Remaster)[Pulsar Recordings]
03 Sound Apparel-Dream(2017 Remaster)[Pulsar Recordings]
04 Sound Apparel-Conventum(Percussion Mix 2016 Remaster)[Pulsar Recordings]
05 Sound Apparel-Fortuna Secunda(2016 Remaster)[Pulsar Recordings]
06 Sound Apparel-Serenity(2016 Remaster)[Pulsar Recordings]
07 Sound Apparel-Sanctum(2017 Remaster)[Pulsar Recordings]
08 Sound Apparel-The Day After(Alexey Ryasnyansky Remix)[Pulsar Recordings]
09 Sound Apparel-Vivere Est Militare(I Was Alone)(Alternative Version)[Pulsar Recordings]
10 Sound Apparel-The Red Baron(Original Mix)[Pulsar Recordings]
11 Sound Apparel-Victoria(2017 Remaster)[Pulsar Recordings]
12 Sound Apparel-Making End Of Heart Tale(2016 Remaster)[Pulsar Recordings]
13 Sound Apparel-The Love That Lasts The Longest(2016 Remaster)[Pulsar Recordings]
14 Sound Apparel-Whats Christmas?[Former Freebie]
15 Sound Apparel-Follow Your Dream(Extended Mix)[Pulsar Recordings]
16 Sound Apparel-The End(2016 Remaster)[Pulsar Recordings]

Sound Apparel Xmix Story:
Intro,Sadness,Dream,Conventum,Fortuna Secunda,Serenity,Sanctum.
The Day After,Vivere Est Militare,The Red Baron,Victoria,Making End Of Heart Tale.
The Love That Lasts The Longest,Whats Christmas?
Follow Your Dream,The End!

Sound Apparel:
Pulsar Recordings :

Regards ~woz

On Mixcloud:
THE WIZARD DK - DragonTales Of Denmark 52 (Third Eye Hallucination Sensation)
THE WIZARD DK - DragonTales Of Denmark 52 (Third Eye Hallucination Sensation)

Aired By:

01 Raumstadt-Brothers & Sisters(Original Mix)[Space City Recordings]
02 Siriu2-Hindi(Original Mix)[S2 Music]
03 Somnia & Amstex-Sitar(Original Mix)[Edge Vision]
04 Qhemist-Third Eye(Original Mix)[TRANCEfonic Records]
05 Nx Trance-Symbiont(Original Mix)[Mysterious Station Dark]
06 Cj Say-Pain(Original Mix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
07 Carl Daylim-Stay With Me(Original Mix)[Maraphobia]
08 Attens feat.Martina Kay-If You Find A Way(New World Extended Mix)[Abora Recordings]
09 EMJ-Cloud Fever(Banging Mix)[Sundance Recordings]
10 Evernaya-Emotion(Original Mix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
11 Walter Albini-Love for Sale(Original Mix)[Gruw's Music]
12 Eric Senn-In Her Eyes(Nord Horizon Remix)[Maraphobia]
13 Alex Leavon-Cyclops(Original Mix)[IHU Records]
14 Alex Believe ROMM Julia Violin-Time Planet(Original Mix)[Lost World Recordings Red]
15 DelAir-Citadel(Original Mix)[Mysterious Station]
16 Paul Pollux-Apotheosis Of The Red Giant(Extended Mix)[Maraphobia Essentials]
17 Frank Modesto-Transport(Original Mix)[Appointed Recordings]
18 Saman Mehmani & Mehdi Milani feat.Vida-The Road(Original Mix)[D.MAX Deep]
19 Atragun-Templar(Original Mix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
20 InnerSync-Sunyata(Original Mix)[Abora Progressive]
21 Gabrielle AG & Live Dream feat.Rich Constantine-Un Mojito(IONA Remix)[Transire Recordings]
22 Rami Abd Elfatah & Blackroot-Sensation(Original Mix)[Lost World Recordings Red]
23 Nuestro-Tucana(Alex Wrights Chunky Mix)[Mashbuk Progressive]
24 Airborne US & Anna Katherina-Novichock(Vocal Mix)[Appointed Recordings]
25 Checho Suarez-Fury(Original Mix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
26 Precious Affliction & Northern Angel-Flames Within(Dan Smooth & Elena T Remix)[Gert Records]
27 ARV-Lament(Original Mix)[Pegasus Music]
28 Illitheas-Levity(Original Mix)[Abora Recordings]
29 Alcyone Project-Gate To Another World(Original Mix)[VERSE(Equinox)]
30 Joseph Alam-Agastopy(Original Mix)[Liberty Music Records]
31 DJ Geri-Synsilk(Original Mix)[Azure Recordings]
32 Klassy Project-Escape(PsyKlass Mix)[Appointed Recordings]
33 ToShuk & Alaera-Under The Stars(Borena Remix)[Mysterious Station]
34 Mousai Sound-Morning Dream(Original Mix)[AlYf Recordings]
35 Kevin Vergauwen & Chatry van Hove-Awakening(Tycoos Remix)[Entrancing Music]
36 Bigtopo & Omar Diaz-LSD(Original Mix)[Arkham Digital]
37 Jan Gustafsson-Hallucination(TrancEye Bootleg)[]
38 Frank Modesto-November(Ally Brown Remix)[Appointed Recordings]
39 Ross Rayer-Yonder(Original Mix)[Abora Chillout]

DTOD Chapter 52 :
Brothers & Sisters,Hindi,Sitar,Third Eye,Symbiont,Pain,Stay With Me.
If You Find A Way,Cloud Fever,Emotion,Love for Sale,In Her Eyes.
Cyclops,Time Planet,Citadel,Apotheosis Of The Red Giant,Transport,The Road,
Templar,Sunyata,Un Mojito,Sensation.
Tucana,Novichock,Fury,Flames Within,Lament,Levity,Gate To Another World.
Agastopy,Synsilk,Escape,Under The Stars,Morning Dream,Awakening.


On Mixcloud:
THE WIZARD DK - The Verse Uplifting Trance Journey 2016-2017 (Elven Kingdom Far
THE WIZARD DK - The Verse Uplifting Trance Journey 2016-2017 (Elven Kingdom Far Away)

ALL tracks is courtesy of Verse Recordings(Equinox) ©

01 Moreno J Feat.Magdalen Silvestra & Gabriel.L-The Touch(Cold Blue Dub Remix)[Verse Recordings(Equinox)]
02 Hoyaa feat.Dora Foldvary-Stars Collide(Original Mix)[Verse Recordings(Equinox)]
03 InnerSync-Whos Afraid of Classic Trance(Original Mix)[Verse Recordings(Equinox)]
04 Alternate High-On My Mind(The Pulsarix Remix)[Verse Recordings(Equinox)]
05 Alcyone Project-The Worldseeker(The Mechanic & Vindicator Emotional Remix)[Verse Recordings(Equinox)]
06 Danny Legatto & Man En Trance-Independence(Original Mix)[Verse Recordings(Equinox)]
07 Spins & Magic Sense-I Called For You(Danny Legatto Remix)[Verse Recordings(Equinox)]
08 InnerSync-Elves of Eire(Original Mix)[Verse Recordings(Equinox)]
09 Katylyst-Another Life(Original Mix)[Verse Recordings(Equinox)]
10 Alternate High-Far Away(Synastry Remix)[Verse Recordings(Equinox)]
11 The Pulsarix & Alternate High-Different Worlds(Rich Triphonic Remix)[Verse Recordings(Equinox)]
12 Alternate High-You Are Not Alone(Original Mix)[Verse Recordings(Equinox)]
13 Eric Zimmer & Spins-At Long Last(Dreamy Banging Remix)[Verse Recordings(Equinox)]
14 The Mechanic & Vindicator-Gentle Rain From Heaven(Original Mix)[Verse Recordings(Equinox)]
15 Alcyone Project-Gate To Another World(Original Mix)[Verse Recordings(Equinox)]
16 Melodic Culture & Magdalen Silvestra-Way of Light(Trance Mix)[Verse Recordings(Equinox)]
17 Avar-Wind Castle(Original Mix)[Verse Recordings(Equinox)]
18 The Mechanic & Vindicator-We Rule The World(Alternate High Remix)[Verse Recordings(Equinox)]
19 Alcyone Project-Timeless Ages(Original Mix)[Verse Recordings(Equinox)]
20 InnerSync-Finally There(Original Mix)[Verse Recordings(Equinox)]
21 InnerSync-Elven Kingdom(Original Mix)[Verse Recordings(Equinox)]
22 AYK feat.Magdalen Silvestra-Winter Is Here(Original Mix)[Verse Recordings(Equinox)]
23 InnerSync-The Spirit of Christmas[Free Copy]

The Verse Story 2017:
The Touch,Stars Collide,Whos Afraid of Classic Trance,On My Mind.
The Worldseeker,Independence,I Called For You,Elves of Eire.
Another Life,Far Away,Different Worlds,You Are Not Alone.
At Long Last,Gentle Rain From Heaven,Gate To Another World,Way of Light.
Wind Castle,We Rule The World,Timeless Ages,Finally There.
Elven Kingdom,Winter Is Here,The Spirit of Christmas

Verse Recordings:
Buy this Album:

Last 2 tracks is NOT in this Compilation.

Hope you like it Smile

Small Hybrid sidequest i made. (could maybe be free DL in the future)

Necmi Vs Kim Larsen-Prog Flyvere i Natten(THE WIZARD DK Hybrid)[Medley Records][PSR Music]

Hybrid made from
Necmi-are you prog(Hatikwa Remix)[PSR Music]
Kim Larsen-Flyvere i Natten(Kielgasten)[Medley Records] ... dmedley-recordspsr-music/

#creative Commons licensed

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