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R10 - [NGT@BL1] - 20/06/2016
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R10 - [NGT@BL1] - 20/06/2016
Round 10 :: June 20th, 2016

Track: Blackwood GP Track [BL1]
Cars: UFR [+20kg] and XFR

Qualifying Mode: 1 Lap Call-Up
Race Mode: 60 laps incl. a mandatory pit stop with the change of at least 2 tyres
Additional Information: Low wind during the race


When qualifying starts all drivers will be in spectator mode. The admin will call up all present driver in reverse championship order. When a driver is called up, he'll join the session and leave the pit lane. As always, no driver will be allowed to cross the very long, yellow pit exit blendline when leaving pit lane. It's advised that all drivers are to complete their out-lap in a timely manner to make sure as many cars as possible can be on-track at the same time. Once a driver has finished his run, he must spectate as quickly as possible.

Should a driver receive a penalty during his run, for example a DT for pit lane speeding, he must complete this penalty at the earliest opportunity! Not serving penalties will lead to the driver in question being moved to the back of the grid!

After the time has expired, all drivers are asked to park their car in the pit lane and to not lap the track!


Just like in the first ever CL event in the year 1831, there will be a laglap before the actual start of the race. The run to the first corner is pretty long and with T1 as well as the following chicane being very narrow, please be careful, especially on the first lap, and don't stick your nose into gaps that might disappear as quickly as they appeared in the first place.

To make the race a bit more interesting there will also be an element of strategy in form of a mandatory pit stop. Drivers must change at least two tyres in their pit stop. Whether they change more tyres or do anything else on the car will be up to them. Since there is no specific pit window, the pit stop can be made in any lap except for the final lap. Of course, the pit exit blend line must not be crossed when doing so.

Additional Information

Everyone is asked to respect the rules on chatting. During all sessions, chat is always automatically closed unless the race administrator opens it.

Livestream (Monday, 20/06/16 at 20:15 Uhr CEST):
#3 - n3ox
Similar to last seasons final on Blackwood for the current season the decision for the championship is in the last race. This season even three drivers have the chance for the title. First P.Kubinji as championship leader with 2002 points followed by C.Winkler with 1977 points and Pete with 1953 points. The following scenarios must occur in the last race, so that these drivers are champions.

P.Kubinji will win if:
  • He is 11th or better while C.Winkler arrives 4 or less positions & Pete 9 or less positions in front of him
  • He is at least 4th, if C.Winkler should win
  • It is at least 8th, if Pete should win (and the first condition should also apply)
C.Winkler will win if:
  • He is worse than 7th, and simultaneously P.Kubinji 12th or worse & Pete 3rd or worse
  • He is at least 7th while P.Kubinji arrives 5 or more Positions behind him & Pete arrives 4 or less positions in front of him
  • He is at least 4th, if Pete should win
Pete will win if:
  • He is 2nd or better while P.Kubinji arrives 9 or more positions & C.Winkler 5 or more positions behind him
Also in the team championship there are more three battles for the positions 1, 4 & 7.
For positions one and thus the team championship are fighting Not A Team (1388 points), CoRe SimRacing 1 (1352 points) and [TC] Racing 1 (1310 Points).
For position 4 eXtrem Racing (852 points), [TC] 2 Racing (832 points) and INF! N! TY * Skills (813 points) are fighting.
For position 7 its also quite close between [TC] Racing 3 (656 points), BurnoutCrew # 1 (630 points) and Absolute Beginners Racing (629 points).

So its a really exciting final again. Tune in tomorrow at 19:30 UTC+1 !
Congratulations Cali and thanks to the admin team and all of the drivers for another great season of racing!
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R10 - [NGT@BL1] - 20/06/2016
(7 posts, closed, started )