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Virtual Rallycross Championship
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Virtual Rallycross Championship
An idea spawned from the genius minds of Przemek Wdowowowwowowowiarz and Ray Kingsbury, about a year ago. The idea was shelved following a lack of interest in any leagues in Live for Speed. However, we are curious if there would be interest for us to bring this back. We are looking at 4 rounds of epic rallycross competition, following the GRC style of the sport. Why? Because it's LFS, and we can have medium sized jumps.

The question for all of you, is whether or not this would be something you wish to compete in. If so, when, and at what time? This is something that would be solely created for fun, and good competition, in a unique fashion.

We are thinking the RB4 would be the best car for such a competition, and are considering identical sets. Furthermore, we've created a skin kit, but will have example skins available for people to use if they cannot make their own.

Please feel free to voice your opinions
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#2 - Racon
I'd love to see this and would definitely be in, schedule permitting (Weekdays: evenings, later the better; Weekend: any time).

On identical sets: impossible to check, and without careful testing will hugely disadvantage anyone who has to tweak their sets to cope with their computer setup (mouse/keyboard users and all-or-nothing braking, for example, if your set has brakes that can lock the wheels then they're done in T1)

PS: "We hope you enjoyed shark week, next week will be shark week but until then... it's shark week" - Discovery channel.
We've never had a problem doing identical setups in the past. It is quite easy to check.

Virtual Rallycross Championship
(3 posts, started )