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Qualify for the 24h-race is now open...
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Qualify for the 24h-race is now open...
Qualify for the 24h-race is now open. Every driver may drive 10 laps to qualify. Remember that laps are counted after you pass first split. So even your outlap is counted. If you plan to qualify with one fast lap per stint, you'll have "only" five tries left.

Qualify ends 2016-01-22 21:00 UTC.

Information about Qualify-Server are found here.

Current standings of qualification are found here.
Isn't it supposed to end on the 22nd?
Quote from F1 mainiac :Isn't it supposed to end on the 22nd?

Yep, better to end the qualify before race start Big grin
I changed the post...
#4 - pik_d
I did some laps on the qualifying server tonight, but there were no insim messages (not sure if there should be), and so far my time doesn't show up here.

I went to the SignIn server to see if the insim was working there, and that server was on track, not at the end race screen. When I ended the session I saw no insim there.

It looks like the Insim was down, and possibly my laps didn't count, and if so, no one else can qualify either.

Does the Insim break when the SignIn server goes to track?
No, there are two different insim tools for sign in and qualify but unfortunately both of them break down from time to time with strange errors.
They weren't changed since the first DoP, so maybe they are a little outdated and have to be rebuild for future use. But for this year I don't have the time to do that.

I will have a look at the replays from last night and set your laps and times. I will only count the first 10 laps! All others have to be ignored.
I've reviewed the replay and found out you've did 10 laps with a best lap of 2:53.600. This is now shown in the team table.

Second one who has driven the qualify without the insim running was troy. He did 5 laps with a best lap of 2:52.99. More exactly he drove this time twice in a row Smile
#7 - pik_d
Thanks for taking care of that.
Well at least Troy finally got the '52 he was after.
We did some quali laps but script was not running.
Was at about 23:30, drivers ABR2 Michaelxo, dragon66, Gutholz
I will take a look at it tomorrow.

Qualify ends 2016-01-22 21:00 UTC.
JAM Racing with 7 drivers? Uhmm
Yes, they asked for it and I didn't see a reason why they should not Big grin
Ok ok never said a word Big grin
It is legit, because there are no restrictions for the qualify.
Maybe - we will see that later - the 72% Soap - Team has won one or two places in the grid, but this means nothing for the 24 hours.

Ah never mind, question was deleted Big grin

Qualify for the 24h-race is now open...
(17 posts, started )