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Too many errors in Danish Translation
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Too many errors in Danish Translation
too many errors in danish translation.

in installer menu Wizard is spelled wrong.

in "VIEW" menu.. which isnt really used in danish and should be "UDSYN" (the whole menu)

it says Frafik....??? whatever that means. i supposed the correct spelling would be "Grafik

corrected it !

january 17th 2017. still same spelling mistakes in the Danish language files...
why does it not get updated ?
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errors is STILL in LFs... incredible translating job i must say...
Set it to english. I do not understand why people within about the same linguistic distance try to stick to their native language at all costs. The most logical situation would be German by the way (English belongs to the same group) but for some reason something went wrong with that, a few years ago.
I have always used my native language and I will always do so, if available.
But Finnish is special as the image shows Wink

Too many errors in Danish Translation
(6 posts, started )