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Round 2: Race Discussion
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Round 2: Race Discussion
Date: Sunday 7th December 2014
Track: Kyoto Grand Touring Rev. (K32R)
Distance: 34 laps
Weather: Clear Day
Race Director: Vitalii Minnakhmetov

18:30 UTC / 19:30 CET - Q1
18:55 UTC / 19:55 CET - Q2
19:10 UTC / 20:10 CET - Race

Note: The password will only be sent to participants who confirmed their attendance.
#2 - Sn1p
WTF?! I have optical internet and never in LFS experience i have had lost connection or timed out in major races... what will happen to my possible 3rd place, this sucks
same, and sometimes i cant even see server, or people driving on it. Right at this moment i see that race is on 3rd lap, and i disconnected after 16 so wtf....... what can i do. nice race till then
#5 - Sn1p
after first disconnect lfs showed "Requested TCP for position updates", wtf

they got me ; /
#7 - Sn1p
than whos fault is it? server or my internet connection? can you make any conclusion about it?
You both timed out exactly at the same time so its most likely not your local connection. The server was running fine for everyone else so I guess it wasnt a server problem either. Maybe some trouble at an internet exchange point.

I am sorry, but whatever the reason was, there will not be any action regarding the results.

Round 2: Race Discussion
(8 posts, started )