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South City Grand Prix Testing Day
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South City Grand Prix Testing Day
We will be having an open testing day today on [WR] South City Grand Prix. There will not be a password until qualifying ends. DO NOT Change your driver name after turning a qualifying lap!

Car: BF1
Track: SO5
Qualifying: Starts at 13:30 GMT | Ends at 17:30 GMT
Race: 40 laps (around 1 min. per lap) Starting at 17:40 GMT

Drivers will not be required to have a special racer name in this event. Come out and have some fun today while helping us test for a possible Formula 1 South City Grand Prix

Safety Car rules will be determined prior to the start of the event. They will not be those used in other [WR] events. They will be much simpler. Restarts will be single file.
Qualifying has just kicked off. This session will be open for all and last 4 hours. At the end of the 4 hour session the race will start. Chat will remain open at all times during qualifying.

Don't change your driver name once you have turned a lap in qualifying please.

Have fun
Just a little under 2 hours left in qualifying. After (the real) Formula 1 qualifying is over come out and get some practice in before the race and try to get a good lap time in
There are a little more than 20 minutes left in qualifying, and he have a large crowd on the server. This is leading to a large number of drivers who do not know what it happening joining the server. For this reason I'm putting the password on the server early.

The password is: runforthehills

It will remain until the end of the race. Race is in about a half hour. There's still time to put down a qualifying lap
#6 - Litro
Thanks You for this race! Was very fun!

South City Grand Prix Testing Day
(7 posts, started )