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South City 175 (R3) Confirmations
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South City 175 (R3) Confirmations
Please confirm that you will be attending this round.
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Worldwide Racing,TBO,FXO,02,Cornys,Cameron Corns,USA

Worldwide Racing , TBO , FXO , 02 , Cornys , Cameron Corns , USA

Fast And Crazy,TBO,XRT,46,BorislavB,Borislav Botev,Bulgaria

Note: not sure will i drive...
Fast And Crazy,TBO,XRT,78,ventspils_619,Venelin Venelinov,Bulgaria
none,TBO,XRT,39,N I K I,Nikifor Đaković,Bosnia and Herzegovina
none,TBO,FXO,22,[Audi TT],Alexander Novokreschenov,Russia
Fast And Crazy,TBO,XRT,07,MVelikov,Mihail Velikov,Bulgaria
Last Lap motorsports,TBO,XRT,146,Max-Biaggi,Pablo Santos,Portugal
Race Green Autosports,TBO,FXO,96,Eclipsed,Rony Kronpušs,Latvia
Last Lap Motorsports,TBO,FXO,27,Mindaugas S.,Mindaugas Stankus,Lithuania

South City 175 (R3) Confirmations
(9 posts, started )