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[NEW] Server GRIDBR™ MultiClass
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[NEW] Server GRIDBR™ MultiClass
Hello Racers!

The brazilian league Gridbr will open a dedicated server on Live For Speed and is open for all. Our objective is to divulge the league and have fun, with organization, events and much more. The events will be free for choice, having votes to choose the cars and tracks. The focus of the server will be on STD (XFG+XRG) on original tracks of Live For Speed S2, running away from GTRs, Formulas and etc. We saw most drivers likes a lot of STD on other tracks, without only the demo track (BL1). Remember, the server will offer all the tracks in a timeline, splits, drivers profile and many other infos like every server offers. We aren't trying to compete with the other servers, we are here to improve and extend the Live For Speed fun. We need your colaboration and divulgation for the server.

The server still in Beta test, located in Brazil, but if the people out of Brazil be higher and see if have constance of this frequence we will put a North American server, giving more stability for the people of other countries.

Thanks for the attention,

#Server Information:

Name : GridLFS WorkGroup

Marcelo Neiva
Staff GridBr™
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its over?

[NEW] Server GRIDBR™ MultiClass
(4 posts, started )