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2013 WTBOCS - Announcement
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2013 WTBOCS - Announcement
2013 World TBO Championship Series: Announcement

Registration Thread:

Worldwide Racing will be organizing this, the 3rd annual running of the series. Events will, as before, run on Sunday afternoons beginning at 15:00 GMT with a 25 minute qualifying session prior to the race. The races will be around 85 minutes in duration. All rounds have been scheduled to avoid direct conflict with a Formula One race. As it has always been, one driver per entry in this series. If more than 32 competitors attempt to qualify we will split the qualifiers onto two servers or two qualifying groups . There will not be a pre-qualification period for this series or any of it's events. If more than 30 competitors attempt to qualify for an event, only the fastest 30 times will be allowed to start the event, but if enough fail to qualify for the race we will attempt to run a parallel race for those who failed to qualify. No points will be awarded in this parallel event however. Drivers who fail to maintain at least 105% of the overall pole speed in qualifying will have their time disallowed and will not be permitted to start the race regardless of the number of drivers attempting to qualify.

The 2013 World TBO Championship Series ushers in a few healthy changes for the series. For the first time ever, the XRT will be forced to take a 2% restriction rather than the traditional 1% restriction in order to even up the field. This is based on the more even distribution of the vehicle's weight which allows for better tyre wear and turning capability which was ignored two years ago when the restrictions were initially decided upon.

Also new this year, restarts will be single file rather than double file. This should make restarts smoother and safer if they must occur. Starts will remain double file, and passing prior to the start finish line on starts and restarts will remain illegal. Safety cars will only be deployed in the event that the track becomes nearly impassable or a competitor has become immobile near the race track or otherwise dangerous to other competitors and requires push car intervention. Push car intervention away from the edge of the race track will result in a standard local yellow as issued by LFS as an RCM or as a message delivered by a Worldwide Racing Official.

This year, there will be a mandatory four tyre (tire) pit stop for all competitors. More information on this can be found in the post below

Past Champions (numbers reserved):
2011: #76 Elton Chong (sbb)
2012: #36 Joe Holmes (kart-36)

Skins Thread:
One small change! A four tire (tyre) pit stop will be required in every round of the series this year. This will hopefully help the tyre wear experianced by the RB4 and FXO become less of an issue. This also will allow XRT competitors to be more agressive on their set-ups.

Pit windows will be decided upon at a later time, but the first few laps and the last few laps will see a closed pit lane. Race Control will decide when the field is spread out enough to warrent pit road to be opened. The close of the pit window will be announced prior to each race.

We will also leave pit lane open in the event of a safety car so that there is a limited advantage to pitting before or after a full course caution flag.

Reminder: The team championship awards points to the two highest finishing entries from each team! Make sure your team has at least 2 entries in the field each and every week. More can only be to your advantage (unless they cause your team a points penalty through misbehavior, which shouldn't happen in the first place).
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2013 WTBOCS - Announcement
(3 posts, started )