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Event 2, Blackwood GP & XF GTi
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Are the results for pool 10 wrong? Im sure I came 2nd?!??
Quote from russraine :Right I have watched the replay from pool 9, well the first 3 laps which had the incedents anyway.

On the begining of lap 3 I notice [T-Evo]Palex brake a little too late into T1, so I attempt to go past, he closes door and boom, I would say 50/50 blame.

Later on lap 3 I go wide after straight which gives [BR] Bone I think it was a run on me, we both turn into next corner ok, but on the exit he keeps pushing me towards grass, even though we are even, I decided to stay put and not go onto the grass, result, I get thrown off track and then into the path of Jackal77, sorry about that.
Blame would be 70/30 towards BR Bone IMO - I was not trying to keep you behind, and still you drive to agressive for the moment, but hey that is racing.

Yes.I have watched the Replay,right after the Race.Maybe a bit too aggressiv from me,[BR] Bone,but thats Racing!You go too wide after straight,that gives me the chance to overtake you.I think every Racer will try this in this Situation.Then in the next rightcorner i drift a little bit,and finally it came to a contact.So in would say 60/40 for You.
hehe BR Bone
60/40 Me, hehehehe

Honestly, I knew you had the drive, all you had to do was go around me, the only thing was I wasn't going to go on the grass again to make it easy that's all lol.

Nothing wrong with aggressive racing though, and it all happens in a split second anyway - lets call it 50/50
ok mate,lets call it 50/50...
see u next race...
Quote from Blackout :Went wide on the first lap and was last after that. But oh boy what a nice racing it was, catched people in front of me. Superb fights with Hallen and FieDi and with some other guys. The best fights I'v ever been in, I could say it was a epic race!

See you next time in Jamaica! :banana_ra

Yes, it was very good stuff. A good example of hard racing while still giving enough room for the other guy.

I got punted on lap 2 and sent to the rear myself.

I was getting a little frustrated. I know we could have caught a couple more cars if we were not racing so hard against each other. I kept watching the other cars slip away. We did all three catch one in the end.
Sorry that I wasn't there, but I had internet troubles and was unable to race

Event 2, Blackwood GP & XF GTi
(56 posts, started )