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16 hours 2013 - The real deal
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Quote from fadeaway :42.7x after few laps with 23%. Its really annoying track for xrr, too many slow turns not a pleasure at all to drive it.. Those who drive it 16h deserve medal of honor no matter where they finish

I don't mind them hairpins in XRR all 2much anymore. Last 2-3 races I did with it were full of them anyway.

25-30kg is 2much of a ballast with 23%. Just feels 2heavy, 2 slow and kills tires 2much. 15-20kg next up whilst still shooting to reach that 42.5.
So, here it is: 15-20kg is perfect. While 15 is little bit too fast, 20 is little bit too much bare for tires and slightly too slow.

Let's say 17-18kg with 23% is the perfect measure for XRR on this track is my conclusion from all the testing so far.

This of course makes it more difficult to make setup for XRR with extra ballast on. Still, I think r2r2 should be very possible on it, while not really possible on FZR with slight chance that it is possible on FZR. So, that's to be tested a little bit. If r2r2 race set can work on FZR, then XRR's ballast needs to drop to something like 10kg.

There is obviously the other way. Making the restriction just engine on XRR and then engine+weight restricting FZR+FXR, but that would be ludacritious, when those two cars are already balanced with each other and will be used far more than XRR. And there you have it, I recommend FZR: 20%, XRR 23%+18kg and FXR 23% for GT2 class.
any link for more information?


Fade and Niki .. Do not fight among yourselves, what you should do is ask an authority on the subject, (ie me), hahaha, I'm an authority on the subject of cars intake ... : P hahaha (joke)

Greetings friends! : thumb:

Currently we have some minor timing issues, but soon there will be more information.
Waiting waiting
Ruben my friend a big hello to you.
Quote from N I K I :Ruben my friend a big hello to you.

Threatened to be your exclusive mobile chicane, again ... he he he ...
Quote from Rubén M. (MEX) :Threatened to be your exclusive mobile chicane, again ... he he he ...

FXR go very fast for you, you only go on the dark stuff.
you remember that picture of aston chicane before the finish? one of one of my tires is on track and the other is 45 degrees in the air? and niki appears on stage, just behind mine as terrified spectator? hahaha

still has that picture you?

Hhehehehehe, that was brilliant. Did I actually go under-neath you or something to make the pass.

What's going on with restrictions for car classes? Shouldn't have they been finalized by now?
i´ve tested some laps in all 3 cars. i am ofc not the one who set times like ffade or niki. But guess the track is really nice for fxr and fxr seems very overpowered. Could dohigh 42 and low43s in fzr and fxr. but in fxr way faster then in fzr. Xrr i havnt had good set so i wouldnt compare with it. Just my little opinion since you wanted some.(tested fzr with 19/10(?)kg and fxr with 22%)
How we can join too this race ?
what is Rules of This Race ?
Number Of Player ?

Thanks alot
Any updates?
We have a little Problem at the moment. We try to solve it, but if it doesn't work we will ask this weekend for help.
Sorry that i only write today, but i had a stressful weekend and not the time i wanted to have for everything.

I contacted everybody who helped the last years and we only are 2, when shortly before the announcement already 6 people told they would help. The biggest problem is that our hompage-man doesn't have any time. We have the code for the registration page and tracker and thats all.

We would like to make the race possible but we need your help.

Best regards,
What kind of help do you need in particular? Design, development, integration, hosting, ...?
website hosting for registrationpage and the tracker. Furthermore some teams who are willing to help looking for crashers on the server. Therefore one member of the team is driving and another one shall be on the server to watch out for rulebreakers etc, so all the time there need to be two members of that team on the server.
I can provide the hosting. Write me a PM so we can sort that out.
Unfortunately I can't help you with supervising.
Will this paragraph from the rules of the past edition be in place again this year?

1.5.1. Each team can sign in only 1 car per class. The maximum number of drivers per car is 6, with maximum 4 of them finally driving the car.
maybe remove the old sticky thread from 2011 and make new one
Quote from Mazdaratie :Will this paragraph from the rules of the past edition be in place again this year?

1.5.1. Each team can sign in only 1 car per class. The maximum number of drivers per car is 6, with maximum 4 of them finally driving the car.

I am not sure yet but most probably not.
How about annoucement of 16h race in and entry in ?
Bit late, signup time is almost over but maybe still good idea.

Oh, and am I imaging things or was the layout changed a bit? Yesterday there where white lines towards the end of s/f straight, looked like a pedestrian crossing, now it was gone. And some tires/pylons seem a bit different, not sure though.
the pedestrian was a little joke for some friends that i forgot to delete. Now the layout is original again.
Today apparently is the last day to join a team for the 16h i heard, but im trying to sign up to the website and i havnt received a confirmation email yet. Whats going on?
I manually activated your account. You can use it now.

I still have problems sending mail to Microsoft based mail accounts although SPF and DKIM have been set up.

16 hours 2013 - The real deal
(62 posts, started )