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Trans am for xrt.
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Trans am for xrt.
I made this texture for the xrt. i used a real image from the rear lights, and a concept trans am pic for the interior. thats sorta it..i had some help with the wheel texture, with a firebird logo on it.its in another thread here on forums. like it or dont. dont? hit delete...simple..

Edit: for some weird reason forum wouldnt let me upload file, so its packed in winrar.

Front of car:

Rear :

side and wheel (colored) :

interior :

Updated this interior file with the one called interior_TA2 ! rename to XR_Interior1.
goes in LFS/DATA/DDS (make sure to backup your original file )

updated version changes:
bigger headlight for xrr.
new indicator light.
new reverse light.
new ignition keyhole. HD
Testing new went too for trying to make a real interior from a classic trans am 77-78.(work in progress
Attached files - 256.1 KB - 1223 views
XR_Interior1.rar - 1.4 MB - 540 views - 2.7 MB - 993 views
XRT_^1Trans am^92.eng - 387.5 KB - 434 views - 3.3 MB - 421 views
XFG_^3Wizard^1Desert^920.eng - 320.4 KB - 402 views
XRR_^1Trans am^9V842-32.eng - 385.5 KB - 419 views
XRR_^1Trans am^92.eng - 387.5 KB - 405 views
XRR_^3DESERT.eng - 385.5 KB - 418 views
XRR_^3Wizard^1Desert^96.eng - 385.5 KB - 413 views
Can you share your tyre sidewall texture please ?
can you send me skinfile? and is the skin on lfsworld?
Yes & yes !!
seems the interior file was saved in some wrong setting. i hope i fixed it now :/ post one updated
Bump ! made an updated version. look in post 1.

but something extra here.

yet another trial file.
this has neon headlights instead of the classic T/A headlight.

(backup original files)
Goes into LFS/DATA/DDS

EDIT: this also contains the original dashboard in the left side. as changes was made to files in XF cars (without cromowheel) the mapping is too weird now for making the full dashboard i was planning with this file.
Attached files - 2.7 MB - 651 views
updated post one with highres skins for all xr cars and some engine sounds for xr cars aswell. these are not made to sound "real" , but made out of free imagination.
as some know im making some ,ods. with engine sounds here you get some engines done so far from desert edition. i made others to sound different for snow forexample.some even got day and night lights(as a test).why does XRR have only one light? well the car model itself have the other tho its a bit offset due to the real light reflections onto the short. the car model doesnt fit the

***feedback is welcome***

sounds are made from volume set at 10 in main options/sound. if you feel its too low (which i hope not)
then it is possible to turn exhaust volume up, in shift+a mode. i tried to get ALL cars to have same sound levels all 20. and more will come in the mods. so i recommend turning your volume up on amp or speakers instead in shift+a. i also recommend full wind and skid volume in main sound menu. because of... more to come Wink

EDIT: i just made these skins today so let me know if i made some huge Smile

its a classic...the movies too Wink

***Please notice*** "TECHNICOLOR 1977" LFS

EDIT: minor changes. also new name. shorter.these are public and uploaded.XRR/XRG/XRT lights on.
EDIT2: now also with lights of
here is some white trans am skins all uploaded to lfs world
Attached images
i am also working on a gold and a white trans am. possibly a blue and red too. i actually have seen one in green too but those are hard to find stuff for. so , so far ill stick to getting the white done. (2 versions i suppose) 1. with white car blue decals. and one with white car and gold/black decals.

updating here in this thread whenever done. trying to make em look as real as i can.

also planning on making FXO to a trans am. with interior and all as i cant really make the dashboard for xr cars. so perhaps i should try the FXO or RB4 instead. im thinking FXO. so ...

to be continued...(over time).

heres some white woonz!

i guess these can get public. just dont edit/Rename them. thx.

EDIT: made trans am a little smaller.

updated 2020:
working on some bandit rearseats. however im using someone elses file as tempålate for it. so when i made the full file with door panels and all ill upload. untill then this is how the first test looks like. im planning to do the original gold and black seats from recaro , but may be over time.its from a picture of an actual seat.(and yes i noticed it should have only 2 headrests. also know how to get it fixed ).

well heres the newest test file anyways :

Attached images
PaceCar Trans Am
Made a Trans Am pace car (a quickie) from 1964 indianapolis 500 mile anniversary.

i tried to add the bird on it. but i somehow recall those pace cars didnt have any firebirds on them.

so took it to the imaginary way. i hope it still looks classic and looks like a pace car from 64.

skins uploaded is 1024(for some reason they were too big for web).

here they are in 2048(which they were made in too).they are also public to use.(if someoone should fancy being a pace car from 64) Smile

screenie on ze way...
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Trans Am 78 interior
made a new set of lights for XR cars.
this version has red light bar going across all lights/indicator lights/ brake lights.

in this version i have the original reverse lights on it.
these looks weird on the front light however.
so i made another version with the indicator light from a front of a TA.
i think it looks quite natural ingame actually. also rear lights.
i tried to match the lights on XRR for a skin. but its a bit off i must admit. but looks okay i think.
if putting a trans am skin on you will see it transform into a full blooded musclecar with this mod.

attached is screens.

attached is images used for the lights.

attached is both versions in dds and jpeg format (2048x2048) and a readme.

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Trans Am XR.rar - 5.3 MB - 25 views
Trans am look for FX cars.

this is currently in the works.
used same files as the xrt above to make it.
however it looks weird on fx cars, so going into thinking box with this release and asking if someone got any ideas for making it look more trans am ish.was thinking to combine upper and lower lights into one single light. but that would make it huge, so idk if i try it.
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FX_Interior1.rar - 1 MB - 22 views
spoiler alert. literally
something is coming... and its a beast ! (work in progress)

new hood with scoop. also made other changes which eventually will transform the entire skin into a new.

Attached images
Original trans am stripe
making a trans am ? cant find the original stripes for it? well here it is in high res.

Attached images
Trans Am Original Stripe.jpg
GTR now have Borla Exhaust.

this was extreme zoomed. looks good on black cars ,probably not so good with light color skins.

Made a first try on the XRR cage.

now in gold. maybe redoing it as it didnt come out as good as initial thought.

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Attached files
XR_Interior1.rar - 1.3 MB - 19 views
XRcage.rar - 462.9 KB - 18 views

Trans am for xrt.
(21 posts, started )