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Round 4 - Formula BMW FB02 @ South City Chicane Route
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Round 4 - Formula BMW FB02 @ South City Chicane Route

Mo., 01st Oct. 2012, 18.30h (UTC)

South City Chicane Route (So6)

day overcast (2), low wind (1)

Formula BMW FB02 (FBM)

15 minutes 2shot qualification (info)
2 Sprints à 31 laps racedistance, top 8 finishers of sprint 1 start sprint 2 in reversed order

half points for each sprint according to the current pointing scheme

The tracker can be found on on the bottom of the following page:

The pre-event lap requirement of 62 laps must be served until 18.00h UTC on the raceday. Since this race takes place at a standard combo, laps can be served at any server connected to LFS World.
Signed-Up drivers who cannot race this round (including those who fail to meet the lap requirement) must state their absence by posting in the corresponding CityLiga forum thread (link). Failure to do so will result in a 60 point penalty on the first occasion and in a exclusion from the series after the second occasion. This procedure also applies to waiting list drivers.

Please note: Due to the first round of promotion and relegation your grid allocation could have changed. You can check this by checking and choose the "Tabellen" button.
On a further note, CityLiga 16 will be continued with Live for Speed Version S2 0.6B.
What's going on with Joe? Any clues or info why didn't he attend this round? ;o
Quote from TFalke55 :he said he didn't have time

Yeah, same happened to me and to be anywhere competitive with you zhe germans one needs a little bit of training, so ya.
I hope he doesn't just give up one his season, was sort of fun to see how he gets on with the challenge.
Yeah had busy week, along with GT2WS not enough time, I should be there for the remaining rounds though
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Round 4 - Formula BMW FB02 @ South City Chicane Route
(5 posts, closed, started )