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LFS Scale-Model Photo Contest #2
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LFS Scale-Model Photo Contest #2

For November, we have the following theme:
"It's all in the brand!"

There's a few ways you can pick this up. Here a few examples:
- Multiple of the same brand cars on the photo.
- A car with stickers from a specific brand/product on it, and the product. Together on the photo.
- A car, with it's real life one behind it.

There are way more idea's you can think of with this theme, and I wish you good luck!

All kinds of die-cast, modekits, etc. are allowed.

The award for November is sponsored by Walter Lemmens.
The award for November month, is a 1/43 Alfa Romeo 154 GTA (2004) driven by Tarquini.

Entries to be posted in this topic, with a resolution not higher then 800x600
ALSO KEEP HIGH RESOLUTION, for the end of the month!

Rules for this month:
- It MUST be your OWN photo!
- The photo must not be older than 2 months.
- Editing IS allowed!
- ALL contents MUST be from yourself

Deadline is:
24th of November

Best of luck.

Kind Regards,
And what is the deadline?
Quote from Flame CZE :And what is the deadline?

Good that you ask that!

Deadline for this month's contest is:

24th of November
Working on my photo at the moment.

As you should know editing is allowed at this round. However, ALL contents should be from your self.
My entry to the Round #2:
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This picture was taken with a microwave oven.
We could use some more entries guys!

In other slight off-topic news. There was still a lottery going on from -TRR-, people had to guess how many F1 scale-models I own.

Bose321 guessed 60, Vortex_liam guessed 65, jonathon.provost guessed 50, Dr. Racer guessed 93, Rik97 guessed 34, Flame CZE guessed 35!!!

The correct answer is: 62!!

So this means that Bose321 is the winner, with the closest guess.

His award is a 1:64 scale-model from Indy Car, the 1993 edition of Michael Andretti.

Will be shipped soon.

Kind Regards,
Damn, Bose rocks! Congratulations.
Quote from Flame CZE :Damn, Bose rocks! Congratulations.

Should I take part in this contest too just for the lulz?
Quote from Bose321 :Should I take part in this contest too just for the lulz?

Please do, I am going to make something too
I'll see your challenge and raise you my picture
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i'll join if this one is approved.

nice thx.. thought i upload an more scale pic of the car so u guys can see how small the car really is.. thought it came out pretty good for bieng from an phone camera..

like a "boss"
We need some more competitors
I have some ideas but not enough models to take photos of
I have so many models but no time to do it...
Really hope this comp still continues because it doesnt seem that many people are interested.
Just gimme that damn prize already...
Today's deadline = can submit until midnight?

LFS Scale-Model Photo Contest #2
(27 posts, started )