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16h 2010 Rules
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16h 2010 Rules
Info: The Annual 16 Hour Race is meant to be a team based endurance event. Driving the race alone seems to be a big challenge for everyone, but does not fit the spirit. The race itself will be held on several servers where all the car classes with its individual speeds are driving together. There is no server for one class alone. Lapping and getting lapped all the time is one of the major features which makes it so special.

1. General

1.1 The ultimate goal is a fair race. Therefore, we expect every driver to have an adequate race-preparation, knowledge of the rules, prudent behaviour on the track and the willingness to pull back in a delicate situation rather than forcing an overtaking maneuver or causing an accident. All drivers have to respect each other! The intentional crashing into other cars is strictly prohibited.

1.2 The use of tools is allowed as long as they do not influence the driving (LFS Companion or LFS Relax is allowed). Using the LFS playerhacker or tools/scripts is prohibited.

1.3 The race will be driven with the current version which is available for download when logging in on the master server (although this happens shortly before the race). If for any reason the not automatically downloaded version will be driven, participants will be informed.

1.4 The driving perspective can be chosen freely. There is no forced cockpit view! The driver's side is freely chosen (must have to be decided on which side you drive before qualifying).

1.5 There are three different categories of cars: GT-1 (FXR, FZR, XRR), GT-2 (FXR, FZR, XRR) and N-GT (XFR, UFR)). To equalise the cars, several handicaps have to be carried during all sessions.

For the GT-1 class weight ballast has to be carried by the following cars:
- FZR: +25 kg
The GT-2 class is handicaped by air-restriktor, as follows:
- FZR: 19% + 25kg
- FXR: 23%
- XRR: 23%

During the qualification and the race, the drivers have to use the following names:
For the GT-1 class start number in green; numbers from 100 to 199
For the GT-2 class start number in red; numbers from 200 to 299
For the NGT class start number in blue; numbers from 300 to 399
The start number and the name separates a hyphen in white. Likewise, the name in white with the initial of first name and the surname.
Example: 107 - J. Bond.

1.5.1. Each team can sign in only 1 car per class. The maximum number of drivers per car is 6, with maximum 4 of them finally driving the car. It is not allowed to drive more than one car. Nobody is allowed to drive alone.

1.6 If a driver has such a bad connection to the server before the race that he constantly looses the connection and/or pulls other from the server the admins can decide to exclude this driver from the race. In this case the person concerned should immediately leave the server not to delay the race even longer. If you notice in the race that you start to lag, you should not risk the other drivers with unnecessary actions such as close overtaking. If you are lagging too much, the admins are allowed to call you into the pits, so you can change drivers. If you don’t do this, you will be kicked from the server and have to start again.

1.7 The race ends, when the race leader crosses the finish-line after the race time has expired. Only the drivers who cross the finish line behind the leader have reached the goal. If you cross the line after the time has expired, but in front of the leader, you have to drive another lap to finish the race. Parking on the track (for example, at the end of the race to avoid driving one more lap) is prohibited.

1.8 If a driver is leaving the race, or stops on the track (disconnect, flip-over, out of fuel etc.) the car can immediately join the race again, but with the penalty of 1 lap. Either the current driver or another signed in driver of the car can join the race again.

3. Skins

2.1 The vehicles have to attach their start numbers on the left and right side of the car. The 16h Skin template for each category of vehicle has to be used which can be downloaded. The Skin templates will be released soon.

2.2 Only skins which which are in accordance with the rules and regulations on in my online car-skins are accepted. The skin must be uploaded to and here in the forum so that all can download it.

2.3 The teams and drivers are responsible for their skins and for the purposes of copyright law used by sponsor logos. The race directors assumes no liability for breaking the copyrights by the publishing of interactive advertising on pictures or videos that may arise.

4. Procedure

3.1 Training

3.1 The server always runs with the track wich will be driven in the race. There is no set training times, each driver can do training rounds as much as he wants to. During the training the chat on the server is allowed.

3.2 Qualification

3.2.1 The qualification phase comprises a total of 48 hours, starting on 8th October 22:00:00 UTC and ends on Sunday, 10th October 22:00:00 UTC.

3.2.2 The number of laps in the qualification is limited to 60. Only one driver per vehicle can drive the qualification. For each lap driven too much, there is a penalty of one second to the respective fastest qualifying time of the car. The decisive factor is the evaluation of the lappers.

3.2.3 For the sake of fairnis, drivers on the outlap have to stay off the ideal line.

3.2.4 Blue Flags in the qualification have to be respected (there are only blue flags for drivers on the outlap shown). The yellow flags are dealt with like in the race.

3.2.5 Cutting in the qualification is prohibited. There always have to be at least two tyres on the track. During the qualification a layout will be set by the race directors, which avoids cutting at the neuralgic points. The cars touching a pole with the front side are defined to be cutting. Cars who are caught cutting will receive a time penalty of 5 seconds on the qualification time.

3.2.6 Each driver is responsible to save a replay of his fastest qualifying time, and to give it by request of the race directors for consideration. If a driver has no replay recorded, he will start off automatically from the last starting position in its class. The race directors will sight 30 randomly chosen replays.

3.2.7 During the qualification there are only lappercommands, "cries for help" (like: I need an admin (or someone else) in TS), greetings and goodbyes allowed. Talks (regardless of what topic) have to be done in the TS or otherwise.

3.2.8 Cars who missed the qualification may still participate in the race, but off the last position of their class.

3.3 Race

3.3.1 The race starts on Saturday, 16th October 16:00:00 UTC and lasts 16 hours.

3.3.2 The race will start via flying start behind the pacecar. During the introductory round, a general speed limit is set and overtaking is prohibited. The race will start with the showing of the green flag.

3.3.3 Cutting is not allowed. If you have to cut a chicane (skidding/ missing braking point / crash / avoid a crash etc.) it must be followed by giving back the positions you have won to all the disadvantaged.

3.3.4 Blue Flags have to be respected immediately after the first showing. When a yellow flag is shown you should (not have to) release the accelerator. If there is an accident at Yellow (whether crashing into a car (trigger for yellow) or causing a new accident for example by crashing into the one who released the accelerator) there is a warning for those who did not slow down.

3.3.5 Cars who want to get back on track after an accident have to watch the oncoming traffic, and if necessary wait for a gap to continue. If you try to reach the pits after an accident, then you have to stay off the ideal line.

3.3.6 Turning on the track (to get back in the right direction) is allowed as long as nobody is blocked or compromised. The reset (on the space key) is turned off on the server.

3.3.7 After a flip over, means if you are on the roof or on the side and no longer in motion, or stop on the track out of fuel, you immediately have to shift +p or shift + s to clear the accident site. A new participation is immediately possible with the deduction of 1 lap.

3.3.8 During the race chatting is absolutely prohibited, starting as soon as the lights turn green. For all communication is the 16 hours TeamSpeak server available. Each chat line is a penalized with 15 seconds to the total time. Even a :-) or similar applies for the purposes of this rule as chatting. The chat is re-opened as soon as the last rider crosses the finish line.

3.3.9 In case of a change of drivers the replacing driver may join the server after the current driver began the last lap before his stop. After the change the replaced driver has to leave the server immediately.

3.4 pit stops

3.4.1. In the pit lane the general rule is that vehicles in the pit lane have the right of way prior to the vehicles leaving the pit. During the way to the pit, the pitlane has to be used as long as possible and only to stop at the parking bay turn right to the pit.

3.4.2 In the pit entrance and exit, the man behind has to watch how fast the car ahead drives in or out so that no crash happens.

3.4.3 The end of the pit exit line is identified by a marker. If you leave the pit, you may cross the pit exit line, if no car is blocked by you. If you cross the pit exit line to block a car, the other driver may write a protest and if a protest is written and you have crossed the line, you will get a 30 second penalty.

3.4.4 If a driver gets a DT or SG at pit stop, this penalty has to be sentenced within 3 laps. If a driver intentionally is missing the pit (at the end of the race) and so his sentence can no longer be served he will not be DQ (as the server automatically sets) but a 45s time penalty will be given to the car.

4. Protests

4.1 A protest must be filed within 1 week after the end of the race in the forum (for proof). The protest must contain lap, opponent, situation and total time (20 seconds before the incident).

4.2 In the case of a protest the racing marshals will sight the incident and possibly issue a penalty. If someone from the race directors are targets of the protest, the person is excluded from the decision. The decision can be objected within 1 week.

4.3 When someone on our server offended anyone, regardless of whether this is in the race, in qualification or in training sessions, please send a screenshot (as evidence) to an admin (the screenshot will be accepted only if the login names on the screenshot are visible ( Ctrl-Shift to display the login names and open the chat history with H)).

5. Penalties

-- Too many laps in the qualification: 1 second per lap on the qualification time
-- Cutting in the qualification: 5 seconds on the qualification time
-- No Qualireplay: Start from the last position of the class
-- Chat in the race: 15 seconds per line

Changes are possible, but will be posted here.
rule added:

If a team flips due to a high curb, it can send a pm to me, so i will make sure there won't be a penalty for the shift+s/p in situations like that.

-for sure i will view the situation to see if it might have been a forced flip to gain an advantage.
Here are the skintemplates:
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16htemplate.rar - 458 KB - 502 views
Someone asked me if i could save the templates in psp format so here they are
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psptemplates.rar - 438.1 KB - 348 views
We will make a skinpack on Thursday 14th, so make sure your skin is in this topic, or it won't be in the skinpack
TS3 Details:

Port: 9916
pw: 16h2010
The qualification tracker is now linked on our page
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16h 2010 Rules
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