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Event 4: What did you think? / Did you like the layout?
Event 4

Did you like the layout for that track?
Did you have any complaints or even sugestions for next weekends race?
Comments are welcome and we will try and answer them.

Results are now listed below at 8pm

Results will be not be posted this week!

Quote from OLFSL News on Website :Kyoto chicane

Quote from OLFSL News on Website :

As a reply to brief discussion in chatter; A layout will be used in race today just to make it easier for hosts to observe possible cutting in some parts of Kyoto track. If you have been using the valid racing line there will be no issues to adapt for the layout. While there only is a layout in one corner, it doesn't meant that cutting would be allowed. There are always at least one pair of eyes on you and necessary actions will be taken after race.

What did you think of the layout?

The stream works fine, just the ads are annoying .. they lag the stream for a second or 2 and keep popping up.
Hmm.. didn't note any ads - using Adblock Plus though, maybe that helps?
Yeah using Adblock plus ... i didn't get them when viewing from our site,
but when i clicked again it opened the actual ustream page and that did have ads.

Odd, but nice to be able to watch races
It's a good layout, as was that of qualification. When removing the ability to cut is always welcome
Yes someone else told me about ads too - I used a variety of browsers for Ustream over the weekend and didn't spot any pop up ads at all. Pretty much all of the browsers have pop up blockers now and it's worth enabling them - I also use Adblock Plus and Noscript on Firefox and Chrome has a built in Javascript blocker too. Just to confirm that any ads you see will be from Ustream and not OLFSL.
The Layout until the race was perfect
Qualification layout was great, you had to keep same for race. It would be much better, specially chicane at the oval exit. Some didn't even try to follow the track, they just go straight though the sand...
Are you serious? No one would survive in a race like that. There are many cases when two cars are close and it's impossible to keep the racing line. Ether because cars are side by side, or the one who follows closely can easily loose the racing line.

For qualifying it was ok, but for racing... no way.
I think the race layout was pretty good.
I knew the race layout would cause problems inside the LFS Server anyway, but you know really I do not think you should've put that layout on there because of these problems which are going to be caused ohwell lets hope the next event dosen't cause any problems.

I'm having a look at the replays from the last weekends session I'll let you know if I find any problems or improvements could be made.
Pool 1 to Pool 3 Only

The results are now revealed there has not been penalty’s applied to these results these may change in the coming days.


1st Place: CoRe P.Santos
2nd Place: RudiTurbo
3rd Place: HR™ B.Chalaris
4th Place: HR™ M.Chalaris
5th Place: Kamo
6th Place: Lacko
7th Place: R4F - Cante
8th Place: GTS Dominic
9th Place: [Fluid] indie
10th Place: HR™ G.Alamaros


1st Place: [ZION] Achim
2nd Place: [ZION] Marcin
3rd Place: [PM] Ant
4th Place: [KA]Braker
5th Place: [KA]Ebmer
6th Place: AMT>>sermillan
7th Place: sccc| Wakey
8th Place: HR™ N.Koudourakis
9th Place: [ZION] Firebee
10th Place: [KA]Thunderdome


1st PlaceBoxeg
2nd Place – [AD] Maciekkk
3rd Place – Fasterkid
4th Place – eX.R Mikey23
5th Place – DTM*BrS_[mk2]
6th Place – eK.R Asconna b
7th Place – N!|S
8th Place – Kimble
9th Place – SCCC|AtomAnt
10th Place – [XR] PeterVSP

I have not had a chance to look at the replays FULLY I am away next week so I will look at Pool 1 replay tommorow afternoon and i'll see what u complain about in the morning.


#13 - CSF
Stiggy really seems to have taken over OLFSL.
I havent but I do like to see what other people think of the results