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MNR is awesome
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#1 - g7usl
MNR is awesome
I would just like to say that MNR is the best multiplayer server I have ever used. The organisation, feedback and stats are fantastic and the nicest thing is, it's run by a team that has no parrallel.

The atmosphere is so addictive, I feel that I belong to a large family while racing with them.
aw shucks Dave, thanks mate, I will pass it on to the team.

We were trying to keep it a bit quiet, keep the rif raf out, you know.
#3 - g7usl
What I saw in the replay of your recent 1st Fox race was too manyFps was down to 12-17 just watching...........
we only had one driver complaining of lag Dave, so not sure what the issue was at your end?
#5 - g7usl
Hi Chook,

No problem my end mate, I was watching the replay. So, it must have been the poster's internet speed?

It was Race 4, if you want to check?

MNR is awesome
(5 posts, started )