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Poll : Overall, are you happy with the changes/features on our new Season?

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I don't know
Event 1 - Blackwood GP & LX4
First event of Fastlap Fury Season on this Sunday. Qualifying is over and the grids are now published on the site (

Our updated rules are also up - it's recommended reading before racing.

See you, on track!

By the way, the poll is open until after the event is over so you don't need to rush an opinion yet. Just so you know
Have fun all !
Will there be broadcasts ? I read that somewhere I think...

PS: I read the rules, but don't really spot specific changes. Anything major different aside the good olde "race clean, fast and fair" ?
Read the rules, then read 'em again, as specified...

I'll just highlight one rule change for your and for everyone's benefit for now. You need to be in the server 10 min before race start, i.e. earlier than you had to be before.

Solar Hydro
yes streaming of 3 pools on the homepage.