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Race 8 discussion - The Jack Aston Memorial
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#1 - Danke
Race 8 discussion - The Jack Aston Memorial
track: Aston North
laps: 2 races of 9 laps each
grids: race 1 random, race 2 reverse of the finishing order of race 1
server: S3 Racing Thinkin RBs
password: rust

Reminder 1: You must finish a race to score points in that race.
Reminder 2: There will be a "lag lap" immediately before the start of the first race.
Reminder 3: There is no telepitting and rejoining during the race.

Feel free to discuss pre- and post-race here, but keep it respectful. PM me for any protests.
Should be fun. and i should do better than on the dirt of bl2.
Just to let you know i'll be there this week. Be afraid, ... be very afraid!!!!

Good luck to everyone on the last race of the series. Sorry I can't be there to wreck...err...*RACE* everyone.

Kudos again to Dan for setting up the series. Good times.
#6 - CSF
Well that was *slightly* more successful than my first attempt.
#8 - Danke
Nice racing this week again, and congrats to Cabby and CSF for the wins. It's interesting how most people's laptimes improved by about 2 seconds in race 2. It almost seems like we've made a gentleman's agreement not to practice

Nobody stood out for the rusty screw to me, although Eau Rouge seemed to claim a few victims early in both races.
Rusty Screw Nomination: Elderchop29; Heat #2 LFS said he did not finish when in fact he finished in front of me.
#10 - CSF
Boothy trying to fix his vent and crashing on lap 1 of race 2 was a good one.
I usual!
I could have done this last week, but I was too lazy to make a trophy then, so here goes...

Congratulations to Cabby for winning his second consecutive S3R league In case you're wondering, the other one was a UF Baby R league at race2play. He ran up front most of the time and hung around for decent points even on his off nights. Even if No-Sho (hehe) had been at all the races, Cabby would have been very tough to beat. Well played, Mr. Cabby!
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Nice pic.
Very nice. Evidence of Intelligence is uncommon these day.

Congratulations Cabby Well deserved.
Lol, that might be a tough one to add to a skin.
Congrats to Cabby
well deserved, I wish I had your consistency.

Thanks to all for the fun races and competition. Now promise to never have an RB4 series again!
Oh don't worry, I'll make you learn to hate a different car next time
I don't think it's as much consistency as it is survival.
I hadn't posted the Screw yet for this round, so here it is. Given his connection problems pratically every round, glenh deserves a Rusty Screw at some point. I'm sure he was frantically trying to replace the tin cans and string on his router as we were forming up the grid for race 1.

Congratulations, glenh!
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I hope you guys are ready for some more screwy stuff. Some of the ideas Dan is kicking around are crazy and will definitely be different from any normal racing you see in LFS.
BF1 forced TV view driving backwards on the dragstrip. Nah, not really, although forced TV view would be awesome for banger racing.

I may start something up in the mid-April, early-May timeframe. I'll be sure to spam all over the place and PM most of you to make sure nobody misses it.
Yea make sure to pm me. and boothy. and csf.
You only get a PM once we get that girl in your avatar.
I thought she looked a bit familiar.

Race 8 discussion - The Jack Aston Memorial
(25 posts, started )