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Race 7 discussion - Roscoe's Revenge
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#1 - Danke
Race 7 discussion - Roscoe's Revenge
track: Blackwood Rallycross Reverse
laps: 2 races of 18 laps each
grids: race 1 random, race 2 reverse of the finishing order of race 1
server: S3 Racing Thinkin RBs
password: rust

Reminder 1: You must finish a race to score points in that race.
Reminder 2: There will be a "lag lap" immediately before the start of the first race.
Reminder 3: There is no telepitting and rejoining during the race.
Reminder 4: There are tires in the sand trap. Don't even think about it.
Reminder 5: You can drive on the grass on he back stretch if y'ump to.

Feel free to discuss pre- and post-race here, but keep it respectful. PM me for any protests.
#2 - Danke
I've updated the layout a tiny bit on the server. I took one tire stack off the end of the sandpit and put some red and white barriers of doom behind the tires just in case anyone's feeling chippy.
Looks like I will likely miss the last two races of the season. Can I get a Seasonal Rusty Screw for having to travel for work?

Fun series, though, and good racing all around. Thanks for putting it together, Dan.
#4 - Cabby
That sucks Sho. Hopefully Dan will come up with something good for the next series and you'll be able to make those.
Ill try and be there.
and yea that sux sho.

btw when this beater league is over you guys should start up another one quite fast.
Muhaha i fail
3rd in quali, tne 2nd to last in the first race, then on the roof in the 2nd race!!
#7 - Danke
It sure was exciting last night. I had some great racing with JoZy in race 1, although I could tell his suspension was giving up, so I kind of took it easy and waited for a good spot.

Race 2 was a roller coaster for me. Getting into second early after the fracas on lap 1 off the final jump, watching Gil run away, watching Gil pit (tip: bring extra fuel to Blackwood next time ), watching Boothy serve his DT and still reel me in, then get slowed trying to put JoZy back on his wheels, then pass me back on the last lap. It was almost more than my Burger King-coated arteries could take!

I'll take nominations for the Rusty Screw. Lots of DNFs mean lots of worthy recipients. Havoc comes to mind, but anyone who gets strawberry cheesecake between races should be removed from consideration.

Cabby has locked up the championship going into the final race. Congratulations! Rumor has it that Mike Helton has joined the board of the WBC and is lobbying for a NASCAR Chase-style points reset after round 6 next year.
#8 - Cabby
I nominate Gil for the Rusty Screw. Not only did he have to pit from a tremendous lead for some fuel, the dubious LFS physics then decided to send him onto his roof after a minor tap in the dirt.
#9 - Danke
I'll second that nomination. So it is with great [insert appropriate word here] that I present Gil with his second consecutive Rusty Screw.
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Two in a row?? I don't know what to say... I feel like the luckiest girl in the whole world.[etals:]:heartbeat:color::ernaehrun:drink:
Wait a minute, I just noticed your location there Gil. Are you really up in Allentown?!?!?
Quote from Cabby :Wait a minute, I just noticed your location there Gil. Are you really up in Allentown?!?!?

no he's just a Billy Joel groupie
Quote from Cabby :Wait a minute, I just noticed your location there Gil. Are you really up in Allentown?!?!?

Yes I am. Where are you? No info in your profile.
I'm a hop, skip, and a jump away down in Reading.
Well does that mean I'm over the river and thru the woods?
Or just over the hill?

Race 7 discussion - Roscoe's Revenge
(17 posts, started )