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Whatever the Weather - Final Race aftermath
I'll just open this for chat - congrats to you know who for you know what
Since I lost connection during first part of pool2 race, I`ll ease my pain and sorrow here.

Of course I want to thank all of YOU for this amazing league. This was my first OLFSL. It was so well organized that I can`t wait for next season. It wouln`t be a good idea for me to name all the people that made this possible (i would probably miss someone) , so I thank all and every one involved. Keep up the good work, hopefully for many years to come.

BR, Igor
My race report (I didn't check the replay yet).

Pool 2, Lap 6ish, I avoided a pileup on the straight with cars moving backwards back onto the track, but I lost control due to the avoiding.

I spun, hit barriers but only slightly I think. I then had to let the entire pack through, and found my tyres badly scorched. Went on for a lap or two, but my car felt far too slippery, and I had to pit to change tyres, and decided to switch on repairs as well, assuming my nose cone would be damaged if not broken.

After the pitstop, only a lap or two later, I hit the tyres on the chicane, and then -perhaps not related- my car suffered a major loss of power, and the leaders caught up with me, and I had the pack pass me one by one.

Therefore I decided to pit again, thinking it might be aerodynamic damages, so I went for repairs.

Repairs didn't help, it dawned on me, I managed to break the BMW engine again...

I hung in there for a few more laps, let the pack pass me one by one, and then went off to let another bunch pass.

Then I dediced to park the car in a safe place not causing yellow flags. After two parking places, the second one definitely very safe, I decided, with encouragement from the staff, to go park in the pits.

My plan was to come back out of my comfy garage box on lap 59 or 60... and what did I do when the time came? I clicked PITS (meaning I went manually to the pits).

Anyway, a rule may have to be developed to address the car that basically gives up or needs huge repairs or cannot be repaired, but that can (safely) make it around the track to finish the race.

Solar Hydro
sry to Ascona b for hitting you in lap 56 T1, maybe I was little bit too optimistic
Oh well...

Im on Pool 3...

all my testings went well... im not fast but constant.

well the race starts... after 2 or 3 laps im in trouble between corne 1 and 2 hit the tirestack and broke my suspension...
ok it was driveable(?) but little instable in the corner and i dont wanna pit so early but then i spin around lap 16 and i do my pitstop.

then the car feels good and i hope i can came back after all have done there pitstop.
but i cant...
My R2 tires going colder and colder (i choose them because im not sure that r1 survive the race )

the last 5 laps was like driving with dirty on tires

well my worst season is over now
many thanks to all who organise and drive
and i hope we will drice us in 2010