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[moved OLFSL] Improvement suggestions
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Ah right - thanks S.Varjonen - I'll look forward to that next season, trouble is, don't think I've ever set a fastest lap!
email notification
Is it possible to send email notification to all members of OLFSL (or just for me ) before the next season starts? thx
I'm not sure. But what you could do is subscribe to this forum. They're bound to announce it here!

Go the top section of this subsection (here) and click forum tools > subscribe to this forum. Select 'daily updates by e-mail'. You might receive a few additional notifications before it's time, but better safe than sorry I guess?

But I'm sure the OLFSL crew will come up with something better.
I could add a "Please notify me about important OLFSL events" -checkbox into profile page, so everyone that wished to be notified could just tick that box

Yes, This would be great! Thx (Thx Fel for Your advise too )

[moved OLFSL] Improvement suggestions
(105 posts, started )