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LFS News: OLFSL section
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LFS News: OLFSL section

OLFSL should have a section in the LFS News items. OLFSL is and stays one of the best leagues in LFS and that deserves a spot in the News. Not only for the great work the organisers spend on it, but also for you as racer, an extra motivation to qualify high to win, to do a remarkable result, ect... It will also keep the league more than alive, as news attracts eyes and eyes don't come with a body (well, mostly...). 6 pools of 32 racers is what OLFSL can handle, bring on the fresh racers and give new teams so initiative to race in a great league, afterall... how many of the great racers and teams didn't made their league debut in OLFSL ?!

LFS News used to be sloppy and not so good, as of recently I rediscovered it and I enjoyed reading it. It had actually LFS News in it! Good job for that too Devs !

I only see positive sides, it requires little time. I see no reason not to do so. For the reporting I propose a team of three people: one of the top racers who's always in pool 1, someone who swings in between and a noob like myself who's behind. That'll give overall and objective reporting, enough text, distributes the work load and is fun.

Quote from GianniC :as news attracts eyes and eyes don't come with a body (well, mostly...).

That somehow doesn't sound right.
Eh, it was late.

News attracts eyes and eyes don't come without a body. Body meaning fresh blood into the OLFSL league.
#4 - t1ger
I like the idea and I agree that we are not the best when it comes to race reports (as I league I mean) but the time is the main issue for us. Now, if as you suggest, three people could step up to the mark and write these reports for us (well not even just for "us" the staff, but for "us" the league as a whole) then that would be great! I welcome that with open arms.

Sounds like GianniC is volunteering as one, do we have any more takers?


LFS News: OLFSL section
(4 posts, started )