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Murray Motorsport Cup Season 2 - Information
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Murray Motorsport Cup Season 2 - Information
Murray Motorsport Cup Season 2:

Hi Guys,

After a disappointing first season of the Murray Motorsport Cup, the league is back and better than ever. The rules/ info are found below. The sign ups are open !

The Murray Motorsport Cup Season 2 will be similar to the last season in a lot of ways, the car is the main way its similer as its still ONLY XFG. Last season there were prizes for the top three finishers in the cup, this season there will be a prize for the winner of the cup and the highest overall climber from all the races added together. Another small change is that in the Murray Motorsport Cup season 1 the person who got fastest lap got 1 extra point and the person who got pole position received 1 extra point too, but in this season to limit the amount of points the winner of the round will get (as the person who gets pole position, fastest lap and race wins are usually the same person) you will still receive an extra point for pole position but not fastest lap, instead the highest climber will get an extra point. This is explained in more detail at the bottom of the page. The Murray Motorsport Season 2 will also have 3 races on half of the rounds during the season and last season we only had 2 races each round.

The prize for first place in the cup will be Sparco Pit lane shoes worth €61.73 in the colour and size of your choice, the Summer selection(bright colours) are found here and the Winter selection(dark colours) are found here and the winner of the cup can choose (subject to availability) ANY of the runners found in the winter selection or the summer selection. The highest climber will receive any of the following three fireproof, fully homologated racing gloves. If the winner of the cup is the highest climber then we will go to the second highest climber and award him/her the prize. You can Choose from the lico base gloves found here, Sparco Hurricane gloves found here, or the Sparco Land gloves found here. These gloves range from €38.00 to €45.00 and are available in any colour or size. All of these prizes are provided by Murray Motorsport

The cup will start on Sunday the 5th of July. The series will run One day a week, every week, for six weeks it will be on at 19.00 GMT. You must confirm availability before each round in the thread labeled “Round 1 Sign ups” if its round 1 or “Round 2 Sign ups” if it is round two etc... If you do not confirm availability before 17.00 GMT (BST/UTC+1) you will have to start at the back of the grid for race one.

Our website is under construction and will be up and running hopefully well before the series starts to post the results/cup stats/driver stats/championship standings there. There will also be replays of every official practice qualifying and race uploaded to the website as well.

The series will be broadcasted so you will need to apply number plates to your skin and post the skin in the thread labelled “Skins”, in the MMS Cup Season 2 sub-forum. You will also be asked to have a Murray Motorsport logo on the car, I will post a logo in a closed thread labelled “MMS Logo” but this is not compulsory, but as we are giving out over €100 for this cup we would greatly appreciate if you guys would participate and put a logo on your car if you are unable to due to lack of space etc… we would understand. We will have commentators for the events too.

The event will be run by me (Niall Murray[n-murray]) and Andy O’ Brien [aobrien] but Andy and I will be participating in the event so NDR (New Dimensions Racing), who run many excellently run championships, leagues, challenges, cups and events such as LFSBC (LFS beginner challenge) season 1, 2 and now the season three which is running with NDRC (NDR Challenge) Kyoto 250, new year events and many, many more will be running it during the races and helping after with the results, reports, championship standings etc...etc…,

There are 6 Rounds in the season and 3 of those rounds have 2 races a night and 3 have 3 races. If there are 2 races that night then qualifying will be 15 minutes long and 20 minutes long if there are 3 races, there will be 35 mins (approx.) of racing if there are 2 races a night and 40 mins (approx.) if there are 3 races. Each race night will consist of official practice where the drivers MUST be in the server for it but it is not mandatory, Qualifying and 2-3 races. If a driver arrives into the server late they will be put back 4 places in the qualifying results. If there are two races that night for race 1 your grid position is where you qualify but for race two the top 8 will be reversed to give the people that crashed in race one or qualifying a chance. If there is three races that night then you will start race one where you qualify and start race two where you finish for race 1 but for race three I will draw a number between 1 and 10 will be drawn from a hat and from that number will be reversed (if I draw 8 from the hat then the drivers that finished race 2 from 1st to 8th will get reversed). There will be points awarded for the top eight drivers. Pole position and highest climber will both receive 1 extra point.

Sign ups will be open about 3-5 weeks before the first round(31st May-14 June)and closed the day before the first event (Saturday 4th June) at 20.00, so we would like you to copy and paste the following into this thread and fill it out.

LFS Username:
Preferred Number:
Real Name:

NOTE: not every number will be available all of the time so I will post here what numbers are taken so if you don’t want your number taken sign up quick! Also you will have to upload a replay into this thread, with a time within 104% of the WR on any of the tracks on the calendar in XFG.

Please find the calendar in the thread called “MMS Cup Season 2 Calendar”.

The rule for chat is from the time when an admin says “No Chat” till when an admin says “Free To Chat” there cannot be any chat. If you chat during a race an admin will give you a drive through penalty straight away and there’s no exceptions (unless otherwise stated from an admin). If you do not take your drive through penalty within 3 laps from the next time you cross the start/finish line after it was given to you, it will go to the next stage and the stages are drive through penalty then stop-go penalty then 1 lap holding penalty [stay in a pit box until leader has passed the point he was at when you first came to the pit box (one full leader lap)] then a black flag(disqualification from session). If you fail to do a drive through within three laps but the race is over during those three laps you will receive a 20-30 second penalty considering the severity of the offence, you will also receive a 20 second penalty if you chat on the last lap.

Dropped Round:
The dropped round rule allows drivers that got hit off or messed up on one round to still be in with a chance of winning the cup. There are 6 rounds, so for the dropped round you drop the round that you scored the least amount of points in. At the end of the cup the points will be added up and you get your final score by adding your best 5 rounds.

Feel free to pm me or Andy about Anything to do with the cup.

Thanks in advance
Niall (n-murray)
Andy (aobrien)
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Murray Motorsport Cup Season 2 - Information
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