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[RTDC] Applications
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[RTDC] Applications

To sign up for RTDC, make sure you meet these guidelines:
  • You are currently a well established racer
  • You have proficient car control skills
  • You are motivated to learn how to slide a car
Post your your racer name, then your [RTDC] name like so in this thread:
Racer Name - [RTDC]Name

Finally, post your email here or PM it to me, so i can add you to the RTDC newgroup for ease of communication.

Sign me up. Kajojek PL-[RTDC]Kajojek. Do you have a server?
not a 24/7 server, no. but that is in the works.
Just another question is there any schedule of the activities?
you will be notified ahead of time when a DES is coming up. check the other thread in this board with stars around it, and do as it says.
Ok I did it, thanks for help.
#8 - XsX!
i'd like to sign:
Dog->XsX! - [RTDC]XsX
pm me your email or post it in the other thread.
#10 - JJ72
ok, youre on the list.
Quote from RevMonkey :not a 24/7 server, no. but that is in the works.

NASSA has been using 500Servers, we've found them reliable and cost efficent, look into it for all your server needs.

Contact them Here.

Good Luck with the team.
Sounds like fun, would be nice to learn how to drift properly

list updaeted. clownpaint, you don't have to re-register :P
(cP) Fat_Panda would like to drift
okay, so what's your RTDC name? [RTDC]Panda?
#17 - Swat
id like to join too
racername: swat
RTDC name: [RTDC]swat
(Captain Slow) DELETED by Captain Slow
i'd like to join :

racername: Squad_e

RTDC name: [RTDC]Squad_e

Quote from squad_e :i'd like to join :

racername: Squad_e

RTDC name: [RTDC]Squad_e

Ehm, the last event was... long time ago. RTDC is not active atm.

I was just browsing around ...

never mind ..
Scania - [RTDS]Scania
Oh dear. It's so sad to see a brain used so infrequently...

[RTDC] Applications
(22 posts, started )