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[RTDC] Lesson Syllabus
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[RTDC] DES Lesson Syllabus

[RTDC] DES (Drift Education Session) Lesson Syllabus

Note: all driver aids must be turned off

Lesson 1 (BL3 Custom Course, XRT)
  • Introduction to the program, staff, each other?
  • Setup basics
  • Drift theory
    • Initiating drift
    • Maintaining drift
    • Recovering drift
  • Cover three most basic drift initiation techniques
    • Braking
    • Feint
    • Handbrake
Lesson 2 (FEXR, XRT)
  • Cover two more drifting techniques
    • Power Off
    • Clutch kick
    • Shift lock
  • Introduce normal tires to XRT if not already in use
  • Linking basic corners
    • Demonstrates usage of multiple techniques
  • Demonstrate severe tire heating
    • Students will drift the long double-apex corner on FE under full throttle, do a 180, and do it reverse to demonstrate tires' characteristics under severe wear
  • Demonstrate economical tire usage
    • As per above, but students will be taught how to drift it 'economically'
Lesson 3 (BL1R, XRT FZ5)
  • Introduce advanced compound techniques
    • Kansei
    • Choku-Dori/Manji
    • Dirt Drop
  • Introduce FZ5 on super tires
  • Introduce setups
  • Teach the dynamics of the FZ5's rear-heavy dynamics, drift some basic corners using taught techniques
  • Cover one more technique formally
    • Power Over

The lesson outline looks really good so far RevMonkey - infact I;m inspired to go and attempt to drift [badly] right now
good times good times
hmmm when talking about the 3 most basic techniques ... after doing some homework of my own ... id say handbrake shift-lock and lift-off are the same basic technique in different forms
i'm currently reviewing the syllabus. but shift-lock is a somewhat more difficult technique to master.
certainly more difficult since its harder to predict what exactly will happen
but id still say it falls into the category of techniques that initiate the drift by breaking rear end traction namely handbrake shift-lock and lift-off

oh and ... will any of this be in the exam ?
Shift locking is very simple and easy actually, but it won't be good for your transmission/driveshaft as it puts massive stress on them in real life. There's no weight transfer involved in shift locking, so therefore it's thought as one of the "basic" techniques of drifting.

Since I use manual clutch pedal in LFS, I always use shiftlocking aside other techniques (feint mostly) before entering a corner and slowing down, plus it's less work since I don't have to heel & toe. If you're on automatic clutch however, you won't be in much of luck with the easyness of it.
basically the way i've arranged the lessons, the methods of weight shifting will be taught first, then drivetrain shocking, then power-induced methods. and manual clutch is ALWAYS preferred.
Lookin good so far Rev. Nice work

And ohhhh, Power Over lessons
dude, omgwtfbbq is your aim?
What's shiftlock anywaay? Clutch it until the revs fall or throw down a gear?
Maybe shifting down too fast, so that the rear wheels (driven wheels) lock up due to engine braking?
I'd say the same, yes.
essentially, yes.

do not heel and toe, as it defeats the whole purpose.
in essence replacing your handbrake with an engine
whao highly detailed traning syllabus, Dr. Drift lol
So how is it doing? Any action soon that will stand up for/behind the words and ideas for RTDC?
i doubt it ... the last message from rev i got concering rtdc was about a month ago
How could I join the lesson?
I'm starting to get used to shift locking .. in my RB4 ..

XRT's hate me for some reason , they just spin & spin everywhere ..

[RTDC] Lesson Syllabus
(20 posts, started )