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IGTC Userbars
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added the two new teams
updated, double check if your team is incorrect or not there.
AEW failed the bar of the user or nissan racing
but I am very cool and I love everyone here can run with some already saw me on these servers as [NR] JULIAO ^ ^
is it just me or does that not make any sense ?
Not just you!
Hey guys how about having unique userbars for each team this year?
Nice Userbars!

Quote from [UKR] Race King :Hey guys how about having unique userbars for each team this year?

Like the old BOTT userbars? That would be savage
no userbar for the Brazilian Racers team??
could you make one plz?! ^_^'
userbars will be made when the final spots are taken up
Looking forward to it, thanks!
Same words, hope that they will be released soon .
We've got a lot of other things to worry about first. I wouldn't hold your breath too tightly. ;]
Any news on userbars ?

Best Regards, Kirill.D.
Quote from Kirill.D :Any news on userbars ?

Best Regards, Kirill.D.

they will come, but there are some other things that need to be finalised first.
Userbar missing...
Post edited sorry for the question.
The ones in the 1st post are last years userbars ...

They have not made the new ones yet. You should read the thread before posting .

Best Regards, Kirill.D.
is that "team XFR" userbar meant to represent XFusion?
if so, is there any chance it could be changed to "XFusion Racing" ?
btw, where is SERT userbars?
Check OP If your team isn't there or is miss-spelt/wrong. Tell me and i'll try to fix it asap
Thanks! :banana:
Not one for the comms team? Deko will be sore

IGTC Userbars
(79 posts, started )