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Is the league coming back?
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#27 - th84
Quote from some jackass :P :Yea, definitely wasn't talking about Lino. Lino has SO MUCH MORE class than this th84 guy. I mean, this th84 guy, WOW! You should see the way he talks to his own teammates! Just cuts them up and smart mouths them throughout entire races, hehehehee

:wow: someone must of hacked my pc and used my lfs name and password! i will look into this! i would never act in such a way!!
#28 - Lino
Quote from mrodgers :Yea, definitely wasn't talking about Lino. Lino has SO MUCH MORE class than this th84 guy.

I dont know what to say......

I wait it...

Seriously, I haven't touch my wheel since the end of last season and had to dig around to remember my password for this forum.

Hopefully an email will go out somehow, in case I'm in a coma or something from playing WoW. illepall
So have we decided on the second car class for the next season? FOX and ?
I believe the poll was pointing towards TBO.
#32 - th84
sounds great!!! boogity boogity boogity!!
What is the website URL for this league?


EDIT: Found the link on the forum front page. Hmm, the site seems down.
Oh, Please th84, don't say boogity boogity boogity. It's bad enough we have to hear it for the first half of the season, let alone bring it to forums and see it!!!!

@TheRealEddie, you have to read the first post in this thread. In summary, Ricin moved and took the site with him. He's still working on getting it up and running again.

@everyone else, MMMMMMMmmmmmm Jalapeno cheddar cheese poppers ROCK!!!!! (sorry, it's just that I'm eating some right now, hehehe)
"Winthin next week" is this week!
Yeah, it'll be back up soon.

I still have some issues with my DSL. I'm shooting to have the site up by Friday. Sooner, I hope.
#37 - th84
if there is anything i can do to help please let me know!!
I had words of some tricks that other leagues use to slow down the FXO to match it more with the XRT and the RB4. The trick is simply to add a passenger in the FXO, which makes the time more fair for the others.

We better talk about that when the site/forum is back, but I just wanted to open a thread on that.
NAL is active? Coooool.

I'm switching back to LFS after a stint on GTR and am looking for a league.

Is there a timeframe yet on when the website will be up?
Yes. It will be up... *checks papers and blow dust out of old books*... sometime soon.
It's back!!!! w00t
Hi I tried to sing up for the league but got an error. I would like to know what cars are going to be run so I can start getting used to them. I am new to LFS and it takes me a while to learn a car.

Thank you for your time and help.

ME too, hit "signup" button and some black text shows up near the top "Fatal Error, administration has been notified" or similar.
Hi guys I just purchase my s2 license it is good to have a North Americans league how many class you guys will race this year.
Redbullf1, go to the main site of NAL. There isn't much there on the next season, but you can read about some races from last season. From there you should be able to sign up for next season I believe. It appears the car classes will be FOX and TBO (GT turbo, RB4, and FXO).

Is the league coming back?
(47 posts, started )