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Is the league coming back?
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Is the league coming back?
Website has been down for awhile now... Is NAL coming back for season 4?

#2 - ZeroR
I think they are still working on it. I also think they want to be more organized by getting the race manager program working properly, so that the website is updated automatically (something like that ).

Anyways, I will let Nick know about this thread so maybe he can respond more accurately
nice an update
was scared there for awile
The site is down because Ricin has been/is moving. Strange time of year to move you might say but Ricin is Ricin. Last I checked he wanted to get the site back soon. I don't know much more than that honestly about the site.

I can tell you however that yes, NAL is coming back for season 4.
I can also tell you that we will be better organized with clear penalties, that there will be a manager application and that the site will automatically get updated for points and standings. That means normally we're only gonna have to write newsposts
#5 - Lino
Sweet! I was getting worried! I got a DFP for christmas, and cant wait to start racing everyone again.
Keep us posted. Last season was really fun.
Hello, I'm looking for a league. alot of people have pointed me here. i live in Missorui, United States. I'm looking for a racing league. i'm not to good at racing except in the fox, i'm decent in the fox. but i'm willing to learn and i have a friend that is gonna help me out on my racing.
Please get back to my on this one, Crazy X
Soon as it's back online, you'll probably see it announced here. Just join up. The last season was my first league racing I've ever did and it was alot of fun. We were split up between 3 servers usually, 1 for the ultra fast guys, 1 for the pretty good guys, and 1 for the really-horribly-unbelieveably-crappy-shouldn't-even-be-behind-a-wheel guys like me . LOL, just kidding for all those I raced with on server 3. But, join in, you'll have fun and we were always split competetively on qualifying time to have some good close racing.
#9 - RiCiN
Quick update
I'm done moving, and am in the process of setting up all of the machines. The one thing that's keeping the site down is that I have no DSL. SBC has messed up multiple times and it's been almost a month now. Everything should be fixed within a week and the site will be back.

Stay tuned, we will be back.
Cool, as long as the races start earlier then 10.

Quote from WGooden :Cool, as long as the races start earlier then 10.

I agree, but then you may have it too early for the west coast'ers. Come on guys, eat dinner earlier . I'm debating right now about the next 10 pm eastern time for next season. I'm not really fond of the FOX (or any open wheel) either. But 9 P ET, I'm there and will put up with the FOX. Just BE SURE that SO Long would be in with the FOX. I did have a good time with that one a few weeks back when it was running on the Core server. I wasn't very good..... but fun, none the less.
Hey guys I'm back too, after being gone a very long time :P I helped provide one of the servers but won't be anymore, anyway I should be racing soon hopefully. Gotta get back to practicing GL NAL
Heya guys! I am looking for a league also. Idaho (State above Utah - MST). Bad thing is I like the open wheel way the best and may look for a league there.

GL NAL and keep me informed,

PS: Any time after 8:30 EST is good here.
Good good, I can't wait to start racing for LFS : NAL once more.
Hey, RiCiN, if you need web space, I have a server. Not to mention that I will be putting togeather a webserver in NYC that will go on to a dedicated 100Mbit/s line. That should be good for about 3 LFS Servers and a GTLegends / COD2 server.
Indeed, I've been looking to join NAL for eons now, I just found out about it after the last season got underway This thread explains why I haven't got a reply from emailing off the website. But make note I want in! In class will be fun, but open wheelers... meh...... Don't make it too early, in Alberta we are on MST, so past 7 o clock MST is preferrable.
yeah i want to join NAL. finally got me wheel fixed.
Hey guys,

I just bought an S2 license and may be interested in joining a league. Good to see there is a North American one.
Well, SBC still hasn't fixed my line.

I'm tired of waiting, so I'm going to move all of our stuff to a host within the next week.
#19 - Lino
Awww yea! can't wait.
#20 - th84
im looking forward to this as well!!!
OH NO!!!!! If he ^^ is joining in, I'm done!!!! No way I want to race in a league with th!

Hehehe, just kidding bud !
#22 - th84
lol, all these wonderful comments about me lately, i think im gonna bust with joy!! i luv u too, nighthawk :P
i think he meant the guy above u
#24 - th84
Quote from mrodgers :No way I want to race in a league with th!

im pretty sure he was talking about me :haha:
Yea, definitely wasn't talking about Lino. Lino has SO MUCH MORE class than this th84 guy. I mean, this th84 guy, WOW! You should see the way he talks to his own teammates! Just cuts them up and smart mouths them throughout entire races, hehehehee.

All in good fun, all in good fun!

Is the league coming back?
(47 posts, started )