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Event 2, South City Chicane & RB4+FXO+XRT
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Pool 7 was fun - I made a great move through the middle of two guys bumping eachother out, it was one of those moments where you think, should I brake and avoid hitting them or just go for it. I went for it and at that moment they moved apart like a big pair of gates and the space appeared.

It was a good race for me apart from the silly crash I did coming out of the last corner whilst checking my tyre and clutch temps, totally wrecked the front of my car but luckily it still drove well enough to finish the race. Without my crash I think I could've had 5th, but i'm pleased to finish this one.
Indeed Pool 7 was fun. I started 2nd behind D Robb. By the end of the first straight I was 3rd after being overtaken by Ady Durn after he stormed through with a fantastic start from the line.

I was able to stick close to both of them and we quickly pulled away from the rest of the field. Ady Durn clearly had a quicker car, but the he was unable to keep it on track, and after one slight mistake, I took my opportunity and took 2nd place back from him. If I remember correctly, this was just after the chicane, at the 90 degree corner going onto the main straight.

Then I pulled away from him and kept D Robb in my sights. I soon found that I was slightly quicker than D Robb, but not enough to actually overtake him. My only hope was to run longer than him and put in some quicker laps before my pit stop so that I could leap frog him. Fortunately, D Robb stopped at the end of lap 15. I stayed out and ran two more laps and at the end of lap 17, I stopped. I had very little damage and my tyres (I knew) would last, so my stop lasted 2 seconds (a popular strategy amongst the top pools I have later discovered) and I easily came out in the lead. In fact, D Robb's pitstop had been really long and he was now back in 4th place. 2nd place man now was Logan5 and the 11 second gap soon increased to 11.5 and then to 12seconds.

Just before my pitstop, sheepy had been putting in some stonking laps and catching me up. Fortunately he stopped at the same time as me and his stop must have been longer as he ended up 23 seconds behind me. He was always faster than me, but I was able to stay consistent and keep the lead.

That was my first win in this league, and although it was in Pool 7, it was a fantastic fight and most definately the best race I have had to date. My thanks for close and fair racing go to D Robb and Ady Durn. To anyone else reading, if you get chance, watch the first few laps of the race, because there is some close and very fair racing, which is really good to watch.

In fact, the last 3 laps of Pool 3 (edit: it was pool 3 not pool 2 sorry!) were just as entertaining, if you have lots of spare time. The pit stops have added a little bit of excitement, which was, of course, our aim!

See you all in the FBM!

Well :-)

i had change my tires...
but after the race i watch the replay and see i may dont need to do that

also i was sure that you dont made a pitstop till we finished Tim
but you do

so.. see you on kyoto

Event 2, South City Chicane & RB4+FXO+XRT
(28 posts, started )