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Race times
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Race times
If you are unhappy with your allotted race time you can email the pool manager and request to be put to the back of the last pool. We cannot and will not switch around our whole established system to suit one or two people who can't make their race time.

Basically if Sunday evenings are not a time you can race, then you should find a league which fits you better.

NOTE: Read the post below!
Our pool manager has a email problem, all requests about pool changes should be sent to S.Varjonen. You can find the address in our site
I was refering to you as the pool manager :-)
I wasn't so happy about what happened in our pool (7), two guys appeared from another server and were *several seconds quicker* than everyone else (up to 3 seconds from memory - waiting for the results to be announced). Fair play to them and congratulations for the first and second positions.

But this poses an interesting question - what if someone from a lower pool qualified at the back, they could then request to go back down to slower pools and thus clean up...
I've had this concern myself, usually though, those people would have scored more points by still staying in the higher pool.
...and this has been discussed several times in past seasons too.

There is only two options:

a) we continue with the flexibility to change into lower pool if the original pool is timed so that a racer can't make it there - with a proper reason

b) we continue so that if the timetable isn't suitable for all, those who miss the race get either 0 points or DNSH (-40) points depending if they informed about their absence.

So far the majority quietly has voted for flexibility - as do I also.

What comes to pool 7 this weekend - I take full responsibility as host/individual for that second addition to grid (KARMA Hash, I believe). It was my personal decision to include a racer outside grid at the late moment. It is also a decision that can be challenged by sending an appeal to our Appeals Arbiter (you can find the address from Contact us -page in OLFSL site).
Thanks. I understand the reasons, but I'll raise it anyway.
Quote from horrgakx :Thanks. I understand the reasons, but I'll raise it anyway.

It was not my intention to discourage you not to. Just to make it clear

Race times
(8 posts, started )