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Round 3 Westhill International
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How did we get 10 points?
You finished 5th just keep it up there's still time to catch up
Sry but, only 6th position for us?
We disconnected with 2 minutes to the race ends, when we were on 2nd place, and KingNothing were still on track before the finish.
We lapped everyone if i recall correctly.
Team Inferno had the exactly same problem was we and finished 2nd? We even recall to lap one of them after their return to the race.
You were out for 2 laps, all the cars that were behind just by 1 lap passed you, team inferno returned to the track imediatly and barely kept 2nd. If you would have returned on the track right after the disconnect there would have been no problem but it took you about 3 minutes do so.
Ok Alex, thanks for the fast reply and the explanation.

Sorry Team Inferno for referring you guys, i was just trying to make a point, we have nothing against you, the feeling is exactly the opposite

Going to smash King's skull now

I grab the chance to wish every competitor in LFS GT and to the organisation a merry xmas and a happy new year, since we're only dued to meet again in 2008

it was nice to race with you. feeling sorry for you guys, youd deserved p3. see you in 08
Hey Scoob,

happy Birthday and best wishes
thank you very much, didn't think anyone would notice , thanks, means a lot to me.

And i see LFS Forum says it's your bday too, happy birthday then ,:drink:
In that case...

Happy birthday to you both, have a nice day, or what's left of it
Yup, thats why its easy to notice for me

tks for wishes
happy birthday and gratz to prodrive?
Hehe, nice coincidence. Happy birthday to both of you!

Round 3 Westhill International
(62 posts, started )