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Any outstanding issues?
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Any outstanding issues?
I wanted to bring up a query I had for race 5, pool 6; I was expecting an email/PM etc. before now.

I got -40 points for a 'did not show up' where in fact I DID show up but dropped on the grid due to lag. I was hoping for a DNS instead of DNSH.

Solar Hydro posted; "The horrgakx Pool 6 question is under study by the OLFSL staff. This is a low priority case, but it will be addressed."

T1ger posted; "Please bear with us, we have not forgotten you and a decision should be made soon. I would hope that this will be made before the next race. Thanks for your patience."

AtomAnt suggested that I got hit on the grid (I'd dropped before the start lights went on).

#2 - t1ger
Hi horrgakx,

It looks like we may have forgotten about this after all sorry mate.

I think I was waiting for S.Varjonen or Solar to answer a question, but I am not in front of my PC which will have all the emails and conversations on it. I will have a look tonight and see if I can sort it out once and for all tonight.

Once again, sorry for the delay.

hehe - think that long summer break made us forget it!
Apologies, we will dig through e-mails and we WILL address this!

Solar Hydro
#5 - t1ger
I remember now our problem. None of us (and there were 2 staff in the race and 1 hosting) could remember if you actually had been there or not and we have no record anywhere (on LFS World, on the server itself, on the replay (because you disconnected before the start)) to say you were there.

A hosts normal conduct during a race includes marking racers off an a printed grid list when they join, however the host of this race (S.Varjonen) can not find such paper any more and none of us can remember for sure.

I really do want to just give you the points for a DSC with 0 laps (which is the same as a DNF, 28.0 points, just more accurate representation of what happened) but I do not want to set a precedent for just changing points without any proof. This does not mean I do not believe you, in this case Horrgakx, it just means in future we can not believe everyone just because they say so.

I need the OK from the other staff on this one-off case to change the points and then in future us hosts need to keep a better record of what happens in the pools we host.


Ok, thanks for the replies, I understand what you're saying too. Unfortunately I don't have a replay either as a result of being dumped from the game . I asked for people in that pool to come forward, behind me on the grid was Harjun, in front was Phoenix132, MikieH and JonathanRuss...
I can't remember that far back now. But S.Varjonen keeps all the replays.
#8 - t1ger
Quote from russraine :I can't remember that far back now. But S.Varjonen keeps all the replays.

This is true, but the replay of the race will not include Horrgakx as he disconnected before the race began and then could not join because the password had changed. The replays begin from the RESTART, at which point he was not in the race. However, he remains sure that he was on the server just before the restart, but infortunately nobody can confirm.

Well I doubt he would lie about it - so I believe him for now.
Thanks. I wouldn't try & con you, I've give the names of people around me on the server and it would be too easy to dis-prove. Unfortunately as time has dragged on people have forgotten.
I believe you too, but I need the ok from Sami and Solar.

Points adjusted accordingly. All hosts will be notified before the start of next season to take extra care in noting who connects and who does not.

Thanks to all for your help. Appreciated.

Any outstanding issues?
(13 posts, started )