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Event 12 - Aston North Rev - FZR
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Event 12 - Aston North Rev - FZR
Well done everyone on a tough last race.

Crappy race for me, thanks to those I battled with. Apologies to those I bumped around a bit.

Looking forward to next season already!
A bad finish for me!

Apologies to Vrachos my teammate. I feel no good.
I start in 3rd place them many mistakes i droped at 15th place in 29 lap. then i got disconection, that was it.
Had a great last race in pool 3, there always was someone close enough to feel enough pressure, well and I even had my first puncture in a race, beginning of the last lap luckly

To all the OLFSL staff a very big thank you for organizing and administering this season, you made this a very enjoyful league

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Pool3 too. Started with a penalty, I wanted too race a bit early than the green lights so - drivethrough, I waited for the others to start than, so I was fair .
There were a pileup in the T1, so I found myself on pos3, but went to pit to complete the penalty. Than I had a good race earning back positions. I planned 2 pits, but I was in the pit 4 times during the race. I was at 5th position on Lap 41th, Bozo was ahead of me, but too far, so I thought this race will be ended slowly and nicely for me I relaxed... At the hairpin, the left front has punctuated. Luckily it was at the end of lap... So another pit, loosed 2 places, but made a pb at the end with almost cold tyres. (I was a bit angry ) It was a good race, congrats to Kykec for the win (on His first OLFSL race, good job ).

It is the end of the season (i think it was my third...or second...hmm), I have enjoyed the races very much, Thanks to the OLFSL staff.

Waiting for the next season.
I forgot to post a hotlap I did ask to start but didn't get replies
probably too late then Horrgakx - sorry.

Event 12 - Aston North Rev - FZR
(6 posts, started )