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Event 3, South City Town
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Poll : I'm going to:

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pit 1 time
run 30 laps without pitting
pit 2 times
Event 3, South City Town
So, just for curiosity - what is your strategy for the next one. It's going to be a tough one to decide, for FXO drivers will have some issues with tyres. Possibly RB4's and XRT's too.

The poll is "anonymous", so your tactics wont be revealed to your fellow racers
slow FXO
I'm gonna drive slower than normal, conserving the tyres and not do a pit stop. Will hopefully gain the lost 15 seconds when everyone else pits.
I'm going to surprise everyone by timing out before the end of lap 1, unlike the previous races that I did it on lap 2.
It's my 1st event, I have got pretty good, pb is 1.31.7 and that was during a 10 lap race, I was hoping to find out what some people would be trying as I don't know what to expect.

i'm just going to go for the full blast, and drive fast but conservingly, should be a good test for my ability and hopefully I don't get to much damage (if any) during the race as this messes up the camber and then the tyres, so master Sidi says :P
Now I know I should have done without pitting. After completing 17 laps of 30 I went in the pit. Set tyre change to >60% to avoid the rears being changed. But the fronts were not changed eather! 60% of 30 laps isn't 17 so I tried to be very easy on the tyres . Wasn't so difficult. After all I should not have made a pitstop. Wasted time.
#6 - t1ger
I fully intended to stop once (on lap 15) to change front tires - but I made an adjustment of +5 PSI to all tyres on the morning of the race and managed to stay out for all 30 laps - the front right tire was VERY close to bald though! Helped me come home 2nd in pool 4 aswell!

Well done to all for a great race, and special thanks to all the OLFSL staff or another good weekend.

See you all at Aston!
Well in the beginning my tyres tread turned orange after 6 laps and with my little lfs experience i was planning for a 6 stopper . But i found out if u dint push to0 much in the corner the tyres would not become any worse.

So i went 4 a non stopper and it payd off. Allthough i was very lucky: After 30 laps with 1 corner to go, first my right front exploded and then the left1. I lost 1 possition and came in 5th in pool 2. I came from 10th on the grid btw.

Event 3, South City Town
(7 posts, started )