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webside not responding :( - pw needent
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webside not responding :( - pw needent
hey racers...

the olfsl webside is not responding.. like 50% of the time, for me...
and i need the pw for the last pool. im in it...

it starts in 90min... i hope someone can post it here or send me a pm over lfsworld (username: sheepyfun)?

i got it..

but i still cant connect to the side whats happend?
#3 - Tukko
no problems here
well... after a funny race...

ant on the server say that its work from him too..

but i still cant load the side.. maybe someone has a idea or so?
try different browser maybe, rease cookies
it works now

@russ i try opera and firefox yesterday...
i also deleet all cokies and all cache
and restarted the pc and internetconnection after it dont helps..
no way yesterday

well i hope i will still work now
#7 - bozo
Does anybody else have problems with the site?

When I use Firefox on my home PC, and with IE on my work laptop, most of the time nothing loads up in the main screen on the home page. Navigation to other pages is fine, and the display of content in the other pages is not affected.

I have just tried it now, 1 machine displays nothing in the main frame, and the other displays Chatterbox and the News just fine. Any ideas?
Seems to work here on FF 3.0 alpha 6. Logged in several times from the office today also with more conservative FF browser.

Solar Hydro
i tried IE 6 opera 9 and firefox 2

All is fine except passwords and update hotlap section ..those two are white with strange numbers for me as i said in next round topic.
I do find the lfs-league site harder to load for the last couple of months, especially since Opera nine and firefox 2.0x.

For some reason it's slower and the frames don't always load together, I normally refresh until it works.

webside not responding :( - pw needent
(10 posts, started )