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Event 5 - As Historic Reverse
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Event 5 - As Historic Reverse
Well, very bad event for me (pool 4). The worst ever, actually:

I screwed up slightly at the start and lost 3 positions (I also had little contact in T2 on lap 1, sorry about that), but it really wasn't that bad, as I was gaining on the racers in front of me very quickly. So, after 3 or 4 laps, I was very close behind a fighting group. Coming out of T2 I was almost in striking distance. However, the group of racers ahead of me obviously consisted of at least one or two very impatient guys, who wanted to pass asap. Bad idea, really: 2 people had contact and wiped out majorly. I think all 4 of the racers around were affected. One guy was spinning uncontrollable and I tried to avoid him by keeping right, but I had no chance. I hit him straight on (was a little like the crash at todays DTM-race, in case anyone has seen it). I suffered major suspension damage and tried to limp back to the pits for a few turns, I actually let by the whole field not to obstruct the race, but I wiped out on every single turn even though I was going very slowl. So in Eau Rouge I decided that I was not gonna make it to the pits safely and went to spectate.

Some of you might already know how one feels after such an event. For everybody else, I can say: It's very, very, very disappointing .

Hope everybody else had a good time. See you next event.

bad luck
For me in pool 2 shortest race ever - mysteriously slided off track in T1, and got some nice damage. Also apologies to somebody I hit in process, don't know who that was.
Pool 3
Well, as I said on the server after the race, it was a great race apart from the laps 1 and 28.

On the first lap, there were some contact on T1 and later I spun after the first split. Went a bit wide, cold tires and slipstream doesn't end up well. There was some havoc, don't know if it was my fault, but sorry about that if it was. Basically waited everyone to go pass so I could join the race again and was 13th when crossing the finish line the first time.

Started picking up some places. There was some good racing and few overtakes. After some battling with Hallen he made a mistake and I was second in the race! Yay! But on lap 28 my tires were getting a bit cool again when coming up the last corner, went a tad too wide and spun again. Recovered but Hallen was too far away to catch.

So..was great and really made up the horrible DNF I had last time

Thanks everybody!
I had connection problems and it dropped before the first bend on the lag lap At least I'll get points for turning up.

Pool 4
Congratulations to Paracleseus & [GVR]Makinen for causing one of the most stupid crashes I have ever seen in an OLFSL race.

Coming out the hair pin (lap 4) at the top of the hill a group of us accelerate away onto the straight. All is well untill Paracleseus does'nt use his mirrors & [GVR] Makinen drives into the back of Para as he comes across/closes the door. Where were you going makinen? You did'nt even lift you just accelerated into the back of Para's car.

After you colided a LFS explosion occured & poor innocent me was wiped out!
even though I was nothing to do with the accident
paraclesus was also not to blame as he was in front & had track position

see pics for explosion:
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#8 - bozo
Ant, I watched that incident a couple of times. The first time I was watching your car and was amazed how you managed to get hit from behind like that. When I watched again with the following drivers in view, I can see it was all a bit unreal! Real shame, as you had a good drive after that, except the odd excursion. Your speed would have kept you in contention at the front.

I did a consistent drive, finishing 3rd. Was catching Wakey over the last few laps, bringing the gap down to 0.9 sec at the line. I wasn't looking forward to the race, but now I'd like to run the combo again!

RAC will be fun though.
Good and Bad
I was not expecting a good race.

Just before the race started, I got a great setup from FF Tim (thanks), but with little test time I did not know that 8 laps into the race, they were already hot.

After some bumps I decided to pit early and switch to R3's, stayed cold for a while, but got really good and was going not bad speed.

Few more crashes and pit stops Main one was due to my pc going stuttery again and LFS dropping to 5fps

Anyway, back on R3's again later and was nearly gonna beat my hotlap time, but spun.

Over all, pleased I finished, but could've done better with R3s from start.
OK I can't let this one un-answered. Everyone in my pool (4) will remember I had terrible lag problems, especially at the start of the race. That's why I unselfishly asked to lose my position and start last, so as to minimize problems with my lag...
So, I started last, I started as slow as I could so as to let everyone ahead space because I was losing sight of the other cars periodically. So, despite all this, there is chaos in T1 and in the first hairpin, and I pass through as slowly and cautiously as I could. During the hairpin though, I lose sight of the traffic again, all cars freeze because of lag, so I just accelerate very very carefully to give the chance to any car that might be in front of me to go away. Unfortunately there were cars there, and I hit them although I saw nothing and I had no contact. And this can be seen be either the fact that I keep going without being affected by the crash, while I should be thrown back from the impact, and I also wisely saved my replay to prove my point. It's available to anyone's request.
So, please, next time you accuse someone of bad behaviour, take into account all the factors that might have caused a crash. I don't quite appreciate my name being quoted in crash-related posts for no reaseon, so I kindly request to take back what you said. Any possible appeals will be answered accordingly, and thank god anyone can see that it wasn't my fault since I wasn't seeing/crashing anyone. Physics behaviour and my replay proves it.

Makinen is under lag and he is not able to see you… and that is clearly shown from his undamaged car…

But you consider yourself as innocent?? Yell no one is…
You need to read these rules…

Recovering from an incident

RI-1: The onus is entirely on the driver recovering from any incident that leaves them in any way an obstacle or a hazard to other drivers, to take all necessary care, hazard minimization, and responsibility not to interfere with any cars still on the track and not part of the incident. If you are off the track then the rules on “returning to the track after an off” apply.
RI-2: If you’re on the track after an incident and still in an incident recovery mode then you have no rights what-so-ever. You must give way to all non-incident-affected cars until you are fully recovered. An relevant incident may include, but not limited to, being ... Spun out, facing the wrong way, perpendicular to the track, going abnormally slow for where you are on the track, whatever, ...
RI-3: You must do everything you can to minimize the hazard your car may constitute as soon as possible. This may mean driving fully off the track if you’re half on it. It may mean moving as fast as you safely can to the non-racing-line side of the track. It may mean retiring from the race as fast as you can do so. Whatever.
You will have no defence if you cause another incident whilst recovering from an incident, or being unnecessarily slow at removing the hazard your car may constitute after an incident. Even if the incident was not your fault. All non-incident-affected drivers have right-of-way over anyone recovering from an incident.


That was a silly mistake from me… :worried: :ouch: :doh:

I thought that you were one of the drivers trying to recover from the lap1 T2 accident…

Of course you have been hit for no reason and I feel really embarrassed saying this nonsense above…
Although I have nothing to do with the complaint, or any appeal process. I must say something, as there was quite a lot of laggy people today.

This goes for anyone, not just Makinen. If you know you have bad lag/connection, then you should really think about if it is a good idea to race or not.

If you keep disconnecting and lagging out before the race starts, the best thing to do is not start the race, and bow out gracefully, rather risk starting and causing lag outs for other people or an accident during the race.
Oh I see now why it looks like it does. Dont worry about it lag happens.

You did take precautions to drive carefully although you did not slow when the accident happened, even though all cars had dissapeared from your view you continued at race pace.

So in effect you still caused the pile up. Anyway whats done is done i'm not too bothered about it.
Hm, yeah, the incident ant described was the one I was talking about in first post ... very unfortunate, whatever exactly happened there.

Anybody got a replay of pool4?
Just a quick note. Since my internet line finally worked after all, it's a very slim decision to make whether to race or not just because I might lag in the first lap. I'm sorry, but the way I see it, 2+ weeks of practice and hard work can't just be thrown to waste every time I might lag, since it happens more than often and despite my 2mbps ADSL, this is a problem with greek internet in general. Packet loss and packet rates in particular, despite the badnwidth.
Other than that, I DID take precautions ruining big part of my fun, and I say again not only did I give up my positions but also started in 6th gear very very slowly to give room for error.
And once again, please understand that the pile up was not caused by me, exactly because I took the above mentioned precautions. I happened to find 2 cars that had already crashed in my way, and since I saw no-one but empty clear track, I couldn't avoid them. But the pile up was done ahead of me, and the cars where already hit. It's more than clear that I did everything in my power to protect others, and it worked. So please, understand that. No hard feelings from me
OK, Pool 6 for me this time and I only just finalised my set just before the race after deciding R2's (which I used for hotlapping) at the pressue setting I had would not last so changed to R3s but lowered the psi a bit to put some temperature into them. This worked well and I was able to do the entire 30 laps on them (this is the set that I gave you btw JR!)

As for the race, I started 5th and spent the entire first lap spinning around (three spins in total) and ended up very close to the back. After that I managed to find my groove and didn't spin again until 4 laps from the end. In between times I made it all the way to 2nd place due to others spinning and pitting etc.

This was fun (for me anyway).

Then kx_mole was 30 seconds behind me and there was 10 laps to go. He started closing me down by 3 seconds a lap (I must point out that kx_mole was much quicker than I and he head already overtaken me twice for position and lost it again - these two times I had not fought for the position because there is no point trying to stop someone who is that much faster than you from getting past) However, this time I was going to fight! At the rate he was closing, it was going to be a close finish! Fortunately I managed to keep the gap at 25 seconds until 4 laps from the end. Then a slight drop in concentration sent me spinning around and almost out of the race. I rejoined 3 seconds in front of kx_mole.

I kept it in front until the sharp corner at the top of the hill after the start/finish straight - this time I tried to not let kx_mole past, but in vain. Great overtaking maneuver btw!

I am happy with 3rd and, just like bozo said, I hated this combo, but now I would like to do it all again!!

See you all next time for some more great racing.

Well.... maybe I switched to the R2's first then? Silly me!
There was a month to learn this combo, but I was too lazy to practice , I made some laps ~4 weeks ago on this combo online, and did a few laps with AI opponents too, but that was all. I was lucky to be online once Bawbag was practicing, and He gave me his set (thx for it ) so I had a good set to be fast, but my training with this set was the 3 laps on wednesday maybe, when I ran my hotlap to upload... :/
After this I went to Pool6, and in spite of this things I had much fun in the race. (starting with a spin in T2 -> last place )

I thought that I will make mistakes, so i decided the strategy to start with 45% fuel and to pit in 18th, to make the repairs on the car...but i forgot to raise the tyre change % (it was on 30%)

The race was as I thought, I made mistakes, so thats why I saw Tim so many times, and he was very correct at overtakes. After the pit (where the guys changed the whole car - they repaint the skin too ) I come back +30secs from Tim.
I thought it is too much, but after Tim's unfortunate accident, the 2nd place was again near. So started to floor the pedal as much as I can. I had luck in last lap to have a pretty fast going over the chicane, and reached Tim, so I tried the takeover, in that slippery corner. I made it, Tim was correct this time too! After it I was concentrating not to make any huge mistakes during that last lap. (of course I made some, but not lethal )
It was a good race for me, thx guys.

[ Ah and Russ, sorry for the bumping in 1st or 2nd lap , for me your car was doing hyperjumps on the track, there was some evil lag..., fortunately this accident was not too serious. ]
no worries
No worries about the bump.

There was some lag around yesterday, several people lagged out over the evening.

I was probably a little laggy to, due to streaming my race at the same time. Maybe I shouldn't worry about streaming my own race. The only reason I do it, is that if I crash out, then I can continue streaming as normal for the rest of the cars.
@kx_mole - its good to know the racing was fun for you aswell. I look forward to racing with you again!

Quote from Makinen : During the hairpin though, I lose sight of the traffic again, all cars freeze because of lag, so I just accelerate very very carefully to give the chance to any car that might be in front of me to

You say you loose sight of all the cars, then you accelerate at race speed (not very carefuly) infact faster than paraclesus the car you cannot see ahead of you & then contact is made. see pic:

Why are you driving when you cannot see the other cars on the track!?
In my opinion that is Dangerous Driving & you should appologise to all of those that you unknowingly wiped out & ruined their races.

We know you had lag but you should not carry on racing.
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Quote from felplacerad :Still at it, huh? Saying that the T2 pileup was caused by makinen is just wrong.

& how is that fel? The replay proves it & Makinen admitted to driving when all cars had dissapeared off his screen.

The lag is not his fault, but driving with lag is dangerous & ruins people's races.
Quote from Makinen :
And once again, please understand that the pile up was not caused by me,

Sorry I cannot understand, my replay says otherwise.

@Kaynd - What are you on about.
Quote from hackerx :For me in pool 2 shortest race ever - mysteriously slided off track in T1, and got some nice damage. Also apologies to somebody I hit in process, don't know who that was.

That was me
Well,i saw the replay,and I admit that there was nothing you could have done.
Except from...braking when you were still outside the track.In that case maybe i wouldn't..."fly" off the track,when you crashed on me.

P.S. Take a look at the replay,from inside my car..You look like a rocket reaching its target

That was very clearly an unfortunate race incident.

Event 5 - As Historic Reverse
(50 posts, started )