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Tuner for FO8 @ AS4R
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Tuner for FO8 @ AS4R
To Better serve the membership, two races will be held this Sunday Apr 15th 2007.

Race 1: Early Bird
OLFSL 1 by 500Severs
30 Laps W/FO8 @ AS4R
QUAL: 17:00 UTC
RACE: 17:30 UTC

Race 2: Standard
OLFSL 2 by 500Servers
30 Laps W/FO8 @ AS4R
QUAL: 18:40 UTC
RACE: 19:10 UTC

This is relaxed rules racing with car reset allowed, be careful when doing that. Servers will go password protected when full ( and yes this can happen in Qual so be early to ensure a spot).

Servers will NOT Open until Official Qual Starts (ie: 17:00 UTC and 18:30 UTC).

Thanks Ant.....!

Hopefully a tune up can make me 5 seconds quicker, but I doubt it!
#3 - Rawex
Can i join?
Quote from Rawex :Can i join?

By all means, this is open to all S2 racers.

See you there.


Tuner for FO8 @ AS4R
(4 posts, started )