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HD Pack
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Looks like the grass is just like the same texture except different colors? I guess the screenshots don't do it any justice!
whats that checkerd pattern on your car?
all defects with the screen shots
oh ok well release soon please it looks good
thanks, i will relese soon. the expected date is tomorrow but if I don't get a bug fixed then a lil latter.
Erm, have you just taken the normal textures and resized them 400% or something, because it looks normal low-res to me. Have a look at Electrik Kars texture pack, and see how gorgeous it looks without resorting to silly texture sizes...
I think he's already had a look at my texture pack...

Quote : ***Because I am only a DEMO RACER I can't do any other S1 & S2 Tracks but If I do get licenses then I will make them too***

Sunny, if you like you can just take all my textures and pass them off as your own. Most of the tracks can be found here

That way you won't even need an S2 licence

Also, would you mind using a bit of AA/AF next time? You could also try checking 'full sized textures' in the game options. Hope this helps...
I was actually going to say that this was a bit pointless since EK has pretty much hi-rezzed the entire world

But if all the OP is doing is stealing textures and passing them off as his own, he gets a :bananadea
I thought those textures looked very familiar...i didn't want to accuse anyone of theft though without proof.

I'm sticking with Electric Kar's stuff...he's clearly the master of LFS texturing.
well one thing is for sure, these are nobody else's textures. If many of these things have been already done. then i guess i can just drop the idea
yea i decided that since soo many people have done similar this that there is no point for another

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HD Pack
(13 posts, closed, started )