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site truoble again???
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site truoble again???
hi guys,,well is now monday 19th march and i cant upload hotlap for fer4,, is there a problem with the site because i cant see anyone elses hotlaps also..please let me now as i was gently tapped into gravel in the fox and got a dnf,,just an incedent ,no ones fault. but i am really looking forward to next race,,cya all there,,,i hope
It is not yet possible to upload hotlaps for round 4. All the results for round 3 isn't even in yet.
stupid question, but...: why is that? (not an usual thing...)
I haven't managed to catch Fiendi about this yet, but either there are super serious problems, or as I suspect he is upgrading the whole site.

The third option, which, there is a small possibility, involves FienDi, Vodka and the recent full moon, but I can't say anymore about that, it is a secret.
It was merrly a case of all info needing to be processed, hard task when so many variables came into the mix last event, and of course all these were beyond anybodies control.

This is a learning curve just like any other organized sport, on behalf of the Staff, we thank you all for your restraint.

May the Gremlins not be able to catch you at FE4R this Sunday, RRT Asman had a great showing at last weeks tune up, but to be honest he had very little traffic around him that were as fast.

Now lets see how everyone does in a crowd for points.

On another note...Where the Heck are all the Canadian drivers, join up so we can Improve our National Standing. (Hint Hint).

Let those tires warm up until you starting making your big points for flipping it and wrecking.

All is well.

AAnt per OLFSL

p.s. As always don't upload slower hotlaps than you already did, also if you change cars beaware of this rule:

Grids are made based on hotlap times. You must upload your hotlap to our site by 18:00 GMT FRIDAY at the latest! Also, you must use the same car for hotlaps and race(s). This will enable us to group drivers with similar lap times together in order to make the League fun and competitive for everyone, irrespective of whether they are very fast or a bit slower.
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site truoble again???
(5 posts, started )