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Olfsl Site Is Down - Please Read
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Olfsl Site Is Down - Please Read
Hi everyone,

Ok the OLFSL site is down, so uploading hotlaps has been lost.

FienDi is getting the backup site online ASAP - but you will need to re-upload your current or new hotlap to be sure of your place on the grid.

The hotlap deadline has been extended to Saturday 18:00 GMT.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience, but it has been totally out of our control.
#2 - Davo
No worries. All good with extended time
Doing my best here, keep please

- edit ---
Quite strange chain of events tonight with the site - and it's likely that it was not the server that was acting up. Looks more like human action to me, I hope it's not - we don't need that kind of s**t.
can't upload now??

I was trying to upload my hotlap again, and now it says, must use patch U!! ...well i use V one i think and i made my previous hotlap uploading with that one and no trouble at all.
How can i upload?

best regards
Yes I get this too;
You must do your hotlap with S2 patch U!
Ready To Go! Gogogo
Hot Lap Upload Is On!
Please Look.
Take a second and look at this picture to be clear on hotlap uploads.

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Olfsl Site Is Down - Please Read
(7 posts, started )