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League 'userbars' - have one?
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League 'userbars' - have one?
If you have a userbar(*) for your league and you'd like people on this forum to be able to use it in their signature, you can post a request for it in this thread, along with an explanation of how the userbar should be used (example url).
Note that you will have to host the userbar yourself and you should keep in mind that anyone can use these userbars, meaning you should prepare a userbar version for people that do not take part in your league.

If interested and if you have a userbar, let us know.

(*) A userbar is a small graphic that usually displays some information about the person using it, in a certain context.
Example :

That banner can be used in your signature by typing :

cool... could we possibly make a maximum number of bars per signature? i can see people with 10 of these things in their sigs!! illepall
Should be possible to limit it. But we'll see how it goes first i guess.
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How will we have those in our sigs if images in sigs aren't allowed? (Except using the other way...)
#5 - Jakg
By sending them to vic for aproval, then he will let you use that image in your sig (but ONLY league userbards) - ie look at mine!
I was king of hoping these bars were kept to even a smaller size. Many people could be in multiple leagues, and I've been on forums where people just fill their sigs with ridiculous userbars... it's kind of distracting and annoying. Personally I've liked these forums disallowing images in signatures, for many reasons... you might as well enable [img] tags if you let people use this

The height I'm not so worried about, its the length of a single userbar. But then the height is annoying when people start stacking them.
For example, I would settle for something like this:

Either use special tags for the signatures. Or have user profile fields where you input the link and it would show below your avatar. Much like the special RSC Staff user bars I made a while back.
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I don't see how the length is a problem... They aren't that long

In the avatar section would be annoying if you ask me. The small ones actually look good... But stacked one under the other (many) would end up bad looking. Unless you put a few sideways, like 2 or something.
#9 - filur

function strip_dupe_tags($sig$tags) {
array_count_values($userbars[1]) as $tag => $num) {
$sig preg_replace('/\[('.$tag.')\].+?\[\/\1\]/sm'''$sig$num 1);
$tags join(array('tag''more'/*.. 'another',  .. */), '|');

Quote from Knight_Atack :I don't see how the length is a problem... They aren't that long

In the avatar section would be annoying if you ask me. The small ones actually look good... But stacked one under the other (many) would end up bad looking. Unless you put a few sideways, like 2 or something.

I know, that's the only thing I never liked about these userbars, is because most will stack them and it looks terrible... especially when a lot of people have similar ones and everytime you scroll down you just see the userbar constantly repeating.

If the userbar were to be allowed underneath the avatar... make it only allow ONE approved URL so you can only use one in that spot or in your sig. Which I am assuming is something like what filur just posted
I like Tweaker's idea, it looks good to have so little signatures under your avatar. Would save some bandwidth x)
we could make em verticle... would be strange, but it wouldnt be too bad...
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siggys.GIF ???-Club servers userbars
Yet again I couldn't decide where to put this thread - Hosts? Improvement Suggestions? General? Feel free to move this where you want
Now to my suggestion for populating those servers again: We already have a little champion-calculation system in those servers (see the "oddball of the week"), so would it be possible to introduce a little bar, just like the STCC (oh no, the evil four letters) minibar, which is only displayed, if you actually are the champion of the week?
That would work for other leagues too of course.
Tell me if you like it; if that's the case it looks like a job for Victor and SamH
#14 - SamH
Hello! I decided that this thread was under-used, and could do with re-igniting so I moved your post here

Truth is that the OCC and Club servers don't really exist as either a league OR a team.. so they don't really fit within the parameters set out in Victor's offer for userbars. It'd be really nice to have them, because I think the servers are under-used and could do with a boost, but I honestly think the next new userbar to appear should be another league's. Nice idea, tho!
Hi Victor,

Im just wondering if i could get some user bars approved by you
for Battle Of The Teams.
There is no coding to it im just going to update them after each round
and upload then again
here are the links to all of them

im not sure how it all works but we could have a tag
[BOTT]fusion[BOTT] or whatever

The Public could use the Support user sigs to show there support for the favourite team
here are the links

Private (Team Drivers only)


I hope that all makes sense
hmm, i can add that yes. If I understand correctly, the members of those teams can use them? (or rather, only they should use them)

The 'fan' bar doesn't seem available though.
#18 - d6nn
completed the fan/supporter user bars
see in my above post
k, that's added


you'll have to create some post somewhere to let people in your league know how to use them though (including the available options).
oh btw, usage is as you proposed : [BOTT]fusion[/BOTT]
Awesome Vic. Thanks
Yay! Love it!
Thanx Vic and Arrow!

[Edit: 4th is in front of 5th ]
Nice thanks!!!
Thanks Victor

League 'userbars' - have one?
(193 posts, started )