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Here we go again
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Here we go again
Please set your bookmarks, for this is our new home. Well - the forum home that is.

Thanks Victor
hehe this time with the correct sig
Quote from DasKlee :hehe this time with the correct sig

Glad to see people have found us here.
:hidesbehi Yap, found you.
thanks for the great season

this time imanaged to actually finish a race - both of them

the P5 sprint was quite good, although i had a bad start and was over cautios in the first 2 corners, which made me go down from 2nd to 4th - but that was still better than i expected

in th emain race i also had a horrible start and i was pushed off the track 2 or 3 times in the first 2 laps - i dropped from 4th to 13th..

made it back up to 11th pretty soon and had a 25+ laps battle with donato for 10th position - with a few position changes between us.. that was great - unfortunately he tried too hard to block after the last corner, which sent him spinning - the battle between us didn't deserve such an ending

i definetly will be back for the full season and hope it will be as rookie friendly as this one with a not too large variety of cars for us beginners to learn
@DasKlee: Nice e46 in your avatar, isn´t it?
nope - it's my e39 touring - so not exactly that new

it just has some minor changes like the headlights... by the way, you can find it here
nice car!
thanks - had to do some changes. the stock e39 touring in white did look horrible, but i just had to buy him for the price they were asking a year ago

but this is getting kind of OT here

Here we go again
(12 posts, started )