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Extreme SIck crash !!!!
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Extreme SIck crash !!!!
hehehe i mesed the car with the tweak

here is the results
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extrem crash.JPG
XRG crash.JPG
interior crash.JPG
Dang man what the hell did you do?
lol at first i was like.. ehh not another retard posting a dumb wreck picture but this.. lol i think this one kinda does deserve its own thread this is quite impressive hahahhahaa

i want to know what happened too!

turned the XFG into a freaking limo!
heheheh i will exageret it more
how lol?!?
HERE is my gti limusine:

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haha wtf
LOL! How are you doing this?
LoL, thats bad :P
Lol seems like u bombed the car then glued it together back again... Nice picts, it'll be fun to drive them - People would be like O_O O_o :jawdrop: :wtf2: :yikes:
#11 - d6nn
replays plz
I guess they will be OOS asap as he used "the tweak"
(the force lol )
i will post a replay ok?
I get "Obsolete Replay" coming up when I try to play it.
Quote from xWolFx :I get "Obsolete Replay" coming up when I try to play it.

It's because he used LFSTweak and Q version.
i installed patch q and they still dont work
yes, because you must even use the exact same tweak settings as he did... so, without the lfs tweak presets, we will never be able to see those replays.
-> get fraps and record a quick video, then get virtualdub and convert it to divx or whatever
even brakes have split away from wheels in the first pic
it´s... umm...

yeah... lets just jump in the GTI Limo then crash then die
#22 - Davo
wow its completely butchered
I need to see a video of this

Extreme SIck crash !!!!
(37 posts, started )